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When packaging high-quality products, companies need to make sure that nothing breaks through the outer layer of protection, which often happens when other objects scrape against merchandise during shipping. By testing the frictional characteristics of a material to determine its smoothness and uniformity, such as the plastic films often used in packaging, companies can better protect their merchandise from incidental damage.
Torontech offers its top-of-the-line Coefficient of Friction Tester that measures the coefficient of static and dynamic friction when the surfaces of two samples (made of either identical or different materials) rub against each other. Our Coefficient of Friction Tester is particularly effective at determining the smoothness property of OPP, PET, NILON, CPP, CPE, and other plastic materials and sheets. This equipment meets the standards of ASTM D 1894-1990, TAPPI 816 wd-00, and ISO 8295 -1995.

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