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Delivery Bed - ToronComfort 1010

Delivery Bed ToronComfor 1010 is an intelligent delivery bed designed base on the human engineering. It can be used for labor, delivery, and recovery stage, or be used for gynecological examining, diagnosing and operation. The delivery bed adopts LIANK linear actuators and appliance.

  • The bed has electrical adjustments for bed high-low, back section tuming and leg section up and down movements. Trend of bed is adjusted by manually.
  • Seat section tilted goes with back section automatically.
  • Lifting side rails are safe for puerpera.
  • Removable blow molding plastic head board give the warm and comfortable feeling to the nursing staff and puerpera. Side rails are same material with the head board.
  • The central brake system makes the bed more stable.
  • High quality and medical use wheels. Dia. are 150 mm
  • Clear marked control panels are setting on the guiderail on the both side. Both nurses and puerperal can operate it conveniently.
  • lt has CPR function, i.e. back section quickly move down.
  • The inductive light can lighten the ground automatically.
  • The delivery bed has music player. The music provides warm and sweet feelings to mother.
  • The UPS system offers emergency use when the main power is off.
  • Foot rests can be controlled by one hand, adjusted the feet of puerpera to an appropriate position.
  • Leg holders can be raised or down follow with the leg parts.
  • The low bed position gives the mothers stable support.
  • The seamless cover of mattress is nano-silver material. It is Anti-sewage, soft, breathable, and comfortable.
  • The sponge mattress is soft and comfortable.
  • The bed designed with the lowest limit protection and trend limit protection functions.
  • Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 2350 Width 880mm
    Bed dimension: Length: 1990mm Width: 870mm
    Bed height: Lowest <= 490 mm Highest >= 890mm (exclude the cushion)
    Back section turning: >=65°
    Seat section turning: >=15°
    Trendelenburg: >=8°
    Leg section lifting distance: 170mm
    Footrest swing out: >=90°
    Footrest folding: >=90°
    Guard rail up/down movement: 405mm
    Castor dia.: 150mm

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