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Torontech is a leading North American based international manufacturer and supplier of pumps, pipes, valves & actuators. The Torontech group has established an extensive network in the USA as well as international markets and remains to be a preferred vendor of choice supplying quality pumps for today’s leading corporations.


Creating comprehensive solutions for our clients has always been the core value of our company. From sales, to order execution, and post-sales support; every staff member is here to assist you in selecting the solution that best suits your unique requirements and budget.


The Torontech group offers a complete range of quality pumps that are, ANSI to ISO approved and engineered to last, ensuring your company continuous production without interruptions. Since the beginning, we have succeeded in only offering quality manufactured pumps that are currently being used worldwide. We offer the best value for your investment and provide world-class support.


ToronTech also offers valves in a wide choice of sizes and materials to meet most pipeline requirements. All of our valves are made to ToronTech's high standards and are guaranteed to be free from defects in workmanship or material.


ToronTech Pumps division is focused on supplying quality manufactured products throughout the world. Centrifugal pump, Reciprocating pump, Turbine…


Ball Valves

ToronTech ball valves have been engineered with durability in mind, and are designed for high-cycle applications, even in working environments that…

Gate Valves

While ToronTech gate valves are typically used to permit or prevent the flow of liquids, they differ from our ball valves in that the sealing…

Globe Valves

Globe valves manufactured with Torontech assistance are normally used for regulating the flow of materials through a pipeline, and consist of a…

Check Valves

ToronTech - A Leading Check Valves Manufacturer. If you need a check valve manufacturer, who can create something for your specific needs or uses,…

Butterfly Valves

Torontech - Your North American Butterfly Valve Manufacturer.


ToronTech is a leading valves manufacturer which offers a comprehensive line of valves including Ball valves, Gate valves, Globe valves, Check valves…

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