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Waste Recycling Crusher

The series of Crusher Machine from Torontech offers machine models with widths of 500 to 2000 mm and diameters of 300 and 800 mm for different rotor designs. Fully welded steel structures are designed to withstand the most demanding applications. The rotor bearing, the bracket of the knife and the rotor shaft are oversized. The standard V-cut creates a low percentage of high quality recycled material output. The detachable third stator blade acts as a deflection wedge and allows the machine to be quickly adjusted to different application scenarios. Other standard features include easy replacement of the wear plate in the cutting chamber and the risk of contamination of the outer bearing.

The Waste Recycling Crusher is available in a variety of rotors and hoppers, and is used throughout the plastics industry to recycle a wide range of materials. This series can be used for high-volume production, which can be used to recover large thick-walled materials in one step to fine particles or in the shredder for the second step of refining to meet various high-volume requirements. When used to break lightweight materials: for example, recycled bottles, the yield can be greatly increased with the use of forced feeding devices by Torontech. For abrasives, contaminated or highly filled materials, the machine can be equipped with special wear protection devices such as rotors, housings and surface quenching of the main components.

The series of Crusher Machines from Torontech are designed to meet the requirements for waste recycling of various thick-walled resins, wood, aluminum foil films, films, sheets, spheres, tubular structures or hollow containers. Conveyor belts, ventilators, storage bins and dust collection systems are more conducive to higher yields.


  • Compact soundproof crusher
  • Economic crusher
  • Heavy crusher
  • Pipe & profile crusher
  • Film bottle crusher
    1. External knife design, faster and more convenient
    2. Specially designed flow guiding devices are more widely used
    3. Multi-rotor design
    4. Mature machine casing design
    5. Permanent and firm welded steel structure


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