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Laboratory Sieve Shakers - Air Jet Sieving Machine AJ200

Air Jet Sieving Machine AJ200

Measuring range:5 µm to 5mm

Max. loading:0.3g-100g

The Air Jet Sieving Machine AJ200 is a top-notch solution for particle separation and deagglomeration. It is equipped with a specially designed nozzle that allows for adjustable rotation speed, ensuring consistent and reproducible sieving results.

Pharmaceutical materials, chemicals, plastics, rubber, detergents, minerals, pigments, toners, ceramics, and food products.

Working Principle

When the AJ200 is connected to a vacuum cleaner, a strong airflow is generated by negative pressure and directed onto the sample particles on the sieve mesh through the nozzle, which is positioned beneath the sieve. A vacuum cleaner or cyclone then suctions away the sample particles that are smaller than the mesh size through this airflow. This airflow process helps in deagglomerating and purifying the sieve mesh.

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- Air jetting technology reduces agglomeration.
- Specially designed nozzle ensures consistent sieving results.
- Equipped with standard sieves with a diameter of 203mm (8'') or 200mm (with adapter).
- Manual operation (standard) or automatic pressure control.
- All parameters are adjustable (time, vacuum, speed).
- Can store 9 standard operating procedures (SOPs).

Measuring range
5 µm to 5mm
Sieving motion
by air jetting
Max. loading
Max. number of fractions
1 (2 with cyclone)
digital controlled, 5-55 min-1(nozzle)
Time display
00:01 - 99:59 min
Applied to dry sieving
RS232 interface
Analysis sieves dia.
203mm/200mm(with adapter)
Chamber vacuum
20 - 99 mbar / 0.3 – 1.45 psi
Storable SOPs
9 or QUCIK START mode
Rated power
220V, 50/60Hz (110V Also available upon request)
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