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Healthcare and Medical Devices Division

Welcome to Torontech Healthcare division, a global enterprise headquarter in Toronto, Canada, with regional offices and a distribution network spanning the United States, Asia, GCC/Middle East, Africa, and Latin America. Since 2012, our Healthcare/Medical Devices division has been dedicated to serving clients worldwide with pride.


Driven by a passion for excellence, we are committed to delivering and manufacturing premium healthcare products and medical devices, alongside innovative technologies and cost-effective solutions. Our aim is to empower our global clientele with world-class quality offerings and care.


Torontech proudly upholds a Health Canada Medical Devices Establishment License, along with compliance with ISO 13485:2016 standards for Medical Devices Quality Management Systems. In addition, most of our manufacturing units maintain global standards and certifications such as FDA, CE, and others.


At Torontech Healthcare Division, our focus is on providing top-tier quality and competitively priced solutions across Hospital Care, Surgical Care, and Home Healthcare. Our diverse range of key products includes ICU/Hospital Beds, Operating Tables, Surgical Lights, Stretchers, Birthing Beds, Gynaecological Examination Tables, Homecare Beds, Hospital Furniture, Dental Chairs, Trolleys, Cabinets, and much more.


At Torontech Healthcare Division, innovation meets reliability and affordability to shape the future of healthcare globally.

Advanced Hospital & Medical Beds

At Torontech We currently offer a wide range of hospital beds, medical beds, adjustable beds, electric hospital beds, ICU beds and CCU beds that…

Operating Table - Surgical Table

At Torontech we currently offer a wide range of operating tables, surgical tables, operating room table, OR tables that fully satisfies surgical and…

Hospital Stretcher - Medical Stretcher

We currently offer a wide range of hospital stretchers ToronCare 1100 Series that fully satisfies medical functionality as well as cost savings.


Birthing beds, Gynecological examination table and Obstetric beds also recognized as delivery beds or labor beds...

Surgical Light - Surgical Lamp

At Torontech we currently offer a wide range of LED surgical lights that fully satisfies medical functionality and as well as cost savings.


Torontech offers full range of medical devices and analyzers including Fluorescent Immunoassay Analyzer, Urine Analyzer and more.

Dental System

Torontech Dental Units are designed to make dental treatment sessions more comfortable and relaxing for your patients – making your work easier.

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