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Light Booth / Color Matching Cabinet

Light Booth / Color Matching Cabinet consistent light sources provide great conditions for making reliable color-critical decisions under consistent lighting.

Portable Color Spectrophotometer – Colorimeter

Portable Color Spectrophotometer – Colorimeter DS-700D features an excellent technical and technological level...

Benchtop Color Spectrophotometer – Colorimeter

Benchtop Color Spectrophotometer – Colorimeter design of dual optical paths using a differential spectroscopy engine...

High Precision Benchtop Color Spectrophotometer

High Precision Benchtop Color Spectrophotometers designed for accurate and stable color measurement. Our...

Gloss Meters

Comprehensive solutions for color measurement and management are available for applications such as color matching, production, quality inspection, and research and development...

Haze Meter

Haze Meter designed for color, haze, and transmittance measurement of plastic, films, glass, LCD panels, touch screens...


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