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PHARMACEUTICAL Testers - Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker

Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker - ToronPharma-MS8 Series

ToronPharma-MS8 Series Electromagnetic Sieve Shaker is used in research and development, quality control of raw materials, interim and finished products as well as in product quality monitoring. The controllable electromagnetic drive offers an optimal adaption for every product. Sharp fractions are obtained even after short sieving times.

Tri-dimensional Sifting Motion

  • The instrument produces tri-dimensional movement combining a vertical movement with a rotation of the material to be sifted on the surface of the sieve
  • Modes of Sifting

  • Continuous
  • Intermittent(to clean blocked apertures)
  • Low Maintenance

  • The instrument is powered by an electromagnetic drive which has no rotating parts, making it maintenance-free and quiet in operation
  • Isolation of Vibrations from Woke Surface

  • Non-metallic springs and anti-vibration mountings are fitted to isolate vibrations from work surface and reduce noise levels
  • Quality by Design

  • Programmable shake time from 1 min to 99 mins
  • The vibratory action produced by the power unit moves the sample all over the sieve in a unique way producing faster and more efficient sieving
  • Amplitude level of 0.5 mm to 2.00 mm
  • 16 x 2 character alphanumeric display
  • Intermittent and continuous shifting motion with 15 programmable levels of amplitude
  • The top plate of the sieve shaker has clearly marked calibrated lines to aid visual inspection of the amplitude
  • The instrument is fitted with a special clamping device that ensures that the sieve is held firmly and allows them to be quickly removed and replaced
  • Suitable for dry and wet sieving
  • Model
    Dry Sieving
    Mode of Operation
    Continuous and intermittent
    Intermittent Operation
    At intervals(0.5 sec)
    Up to 8 sieves of 200 mm dia. × 50 mm h Up to 16 sieves of 100 mm dia. × 25 mm h
    Shake Time
    Programmable from 1 min to 99 min
    Amplitude Level
    0.5 mm to 2.0 mm
    16 × 2 character LCD
    Power Level
    Programmable (from 5 to 20)
    Noise Level
    ˂ 61 dB without sieves at maximum amplitude ˂ 71 dB with sieves and material at maximum amplitude
    312 × 339 × 270mm
    Net: 5kg, Gross: 8kg
    Power Supply
    (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
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