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Welcome to Torontech, a prominent provider of Sample Preparation Technology solutions in North America, GCC and other regions. Our primary objective is to establish ourselves as the leading source for sample preparation equipment. We are dedicated to researching and developing high-quality grinding instruments. Our product range includes a variety of essential tools such as the Jaw Crusher, Disc Mill, Cutting Mill, Mortar Grinder, Planetary Ball Mill, Micro Ball Mill, Ultra Centrifugal Mill, and Knife Mill, each capable of meeting diverse grinding requirements for laboratory sample testing.

Our products find applications across various fields, including education, scientific research, metallurgy, biology, medicine, building materials, electronics manufacturing, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Together with our global partners we have earned a strong reputation in the sample preparation industry. Our products are renowned for their exceptional performance, cost-effectiveness, user-friendly operation, safety features, and long lifespan.

We place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction and cutting-edge technology. This commitment is evident in our instruments, which incorporate high-quality components designed to deliver flawless performance. Torontech products not only ensure representative and reproducible results for grinding and particle analysis but also provide easy and comfortable operation.

Product Categories

Laboratory Milling/Grinding

Disc Mill as a robust model with 4 grading stations is used whenever the highest fineness is required.

Laboratory Sieve Shakers

The Air Jet Sieving Machine  is a top-notch solution for particle separation and deagglomeration.

Laboratory Assisting

Vibratory Feeder  is designed to facilitate automatic sample feed of bulk particle or fine powder samples by…


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