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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Air Release Value Tester

Air Release Value Tester

Air Release Value Tester TT-3427

Air Release Value Tester TT-3427 complies with the ASTM D3427 standard Test Method for Air Release Properties of Petroleum Oils. 

Air Release Value Tester TT-3427 is utilized to assess the capacity of turbine, hydraulic, and gear oils to separate entrained air. The device measures the time it takes for the entrained air content to decrease to the relatively low value of 0.2% volume under standardized test conditions. This enables the comparison of oils' ability to separate entrained air under conditions where separation time is measurable. The full significance of this testing method is not yet determined. However, entrained air can lead to sponginess and reduced sensitivity in controlling turbine and hydraulic systems. It's important to note that this test may not be appropriate for ranking oils in applications with short residence times and high gas contents.

1. The equipment utilizes a digital temperature meter for precise temperature control.

2. It features a digital timer with an alarm function for user-friendly operation.

3. The apparatus incorporates a pressure regulator valve, with pressure gauge display.

4. It features a sleek and attractive design.

5. The equipment comes equipped with a densimeter.

1. Rated voltage: AC 220V±10% 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Power: 600W

3. Temperature: Controlled by digital display temperature controller

4. Temperature range: From room temperature to 100°C

5. Control precision: ±0.1°C

6. Temperature sensor: Pt100 (Platinum resistor)

7. Cycle mode: Pump cycle

8. Ambient requirements: Temperature should be between 10°C and 40°C; Humidity should not exceed 85%

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