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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Apparatus for Viscosity by TBS

Apparatus for Viscosity by TBS

Apparatus for Viscosity by TBS TT-4683

Apparatus for Viscosity by TBS TT-4683 conforms to ASTM D4683 Standard Test Method for Measuring Viscosity of New and Used Engine Oils at High Shear Rate and High Temperature by Tapered Bearing Simulator Viscometer at 150 °C and ASTM D4741 Standard Test Method for Measuring Viscosity at High Temperature and High Shear Rate by Tapered-Plug Viscometer. 

ASTM D4683 entails the laboratory determination of engine oil viscosity at 150°C and 1.0 x 10^6 s^-1 utilizing a viscometer equipped with a slightly tapered rotor and stator, known as the Tapered Bearing Simulator (TBS) Viscometer.

1. Heating method: high-temperature oil bath.

2. Test temperatures: 100°C, 150°C.

3. Number of test stations: 5.

4. Operating system: Windows 7.

5. Results calculation: Utilizes dedicated software, with manual sampling allowing for 5 tests per hour.

6. No solvent cleaning required, only a small amount of fresh sample needed for flushing.

7. The software automatically calculates the calibration deviation of the standard oil.

8. Capable of storing and printing the test results.

1. Rated voltage: 210~240V, 50Hz/60Hz. (110V also available)

2. Shear rate: Ranging from a minimum of 50000s^-1 to a maximum of 7000000s^-1 RPM (800~8000).

3. Safety control: Includes protection against overheating and programmable temperature limits.

4. Total power: 2.5KW.

5. Sample volume: 50ml.

6. Test time: 5~10 minutes per sample.

7. Bath temperature: Ranges from 40°C to 200°C, with an accuracy of ±0.1°C.

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