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Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Equipment - Ash Content for Petroleum Product

Ash Content for Petroleum Product

Ash Content for Petroleum Product TT-482

Ash Content for Petroleum Product TT-482 complies with the ASTM D482 Standard Test Method for Ash from Petroleum Products and ASTM D874 Standard Test Method for Sulfated Ash from Lubricating Oils and Additives. 

Ash Content for Petroleum Product TT-482 is utilized for determining ash content in the range of 0.001–0.180 mass % in distillate and residual fuels, gas turbine fuels, crude oils, lubricating oils, waxes, and other petroleum products. Any ash-forming materials present are typically regarded as undesirable impurities or contaminants. The apparatus is suitable for petroleum products that do not contain added ash-forming additives, including certain phosphorus compounds.

1. The inner furnace features a sealed structure, with high-temperature resistant lightweight refractory material used for the furnace mouth and door.

2. The insulating layer between the inner furnace and the furnace shell is composed of refractory fiber and expanded perlite products. Even if the temperature inside the furnace reaches 775℃, there are only trace amounts of heat on the outer shell.

3. The furnace door uses a clip-on structure, requiring only one action to close or open, in accordance with the quick take requirements of ASTM D482 standard.

1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz. (110V also available)

2. Heating power: 5000W.

3. Temperature control mode: Temperature controller.

4. Temperature measurement mode: Nickel-chromium—Nickel-silicon galvanic couple.

5. Temperature control precision: ±5℃.

6. Temperature control range: 100~1200℃.

7. Ambient requirements: Temperature: 5~40℃.

8. Humidity: ≤85%.

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