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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus

Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus

Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus TT-611Z

Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus TT-611Z is designed to adhere to ASTM D611 Standard Test Methods for Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents. 

Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus TT-611Z primary function is to determine the aniline point of petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents. Additionally, it is capable of testing the mixed aniline point of petroleum products and hydrocarbon solvents with aniline points below the temperature at which aniline crystallizes from the mixture.

1. The 7-inch color LCD touchscreen adds a stylish and beautiful touch to the apparatus. Its all-English control interface ensures clarity and intuitiveness.

2. Imported photoelectric sensors are utilized to ensure precise test results and consistent repeatability.

3. Equipped with an over-temperature alarm function, the apparatus triggers a buzzer alarm and halts the test automatically if the sample temperature exceeds 170°C during testing.

4. Operating the device is simple with a one-key start, allowing the test process to be completed automatically.

5. The main unit is controlled by a microprocessor program, enabling automatic heating, stirring, and identification of aniline points. It also facilitates automatic storage, printing, and shutdown at the conclusion of the test.

1. Applicable Standard: ASTM D611

2. Temperature Control Range: Room temperature to 170°C

3. Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.1°C

4. Heating Method: Electric heating rod

5. Heating Power: 60W

6. Stirring Method: Motor-driven soft shaft stirring

7. Detection Method: Photoelectric sensor

8. Storage Records: 200 records

9. Printing Method: Micro printer

10. Power Supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz (110V also available)

Optional Accessories:

1. Stainless steel tray: One piece

2. Glass test tube: One piece

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