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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Automatic Demulsibility Apparatus

Automatic Demulsibility Apparatus

Automatic Demulsibility Apparatus TT-1401Z

Automatic Demulsibility Apparatus TT-1401Z conforms to the ASTM D1401 Standard Test Method for Water Separability of Petroleum Oils and Synthetic Fluids. 

Automatic Demulsibility Apparatus TT-1401Z serves as a guide for determining the water separation characteristics of oils subjected to water contamination and turbulence. It is utilized for specifying new oils and monitoring in-service oils. Additionally, it assesses the ability of petroleum oils or synthetic fluids to separate from water. While initially developed for steam-turbine oils with viscosities of 28.8–90 mm2/s at 40°C, this test method can also be applied to oils of different types with varying viscosities and synthetic fluids at different test temperatures. It is recommended, however, to raise the test temperature to 82 ± 1°C when testing products more viscous than 90 mm2/s at 40°C.

1. It utilizes single-chip control and PID self-tuning temperature control technology, ensuring fast heating and high precision control.
2. The instrument automatically stirs and times the process, and the test tube mixing motor boom is automatically raised and lowered.
3. Features automatic prompt function and alerts when the experiment is complete.
4. The mechanical transmission operates noiselessly, and the heating parts are constructed of corrosion-resistant and durable stainless steel.
5. The constant temperature bath is a round glass cylinder with uniform temperature distribution inside, providing effective temperature control.
6. Offers automatic printing and storage capabilities, capable of storing up to 100 results.

320×240 dot matrix LCD screen
Temperature control range
Room temperature-100℃
Temperature control accuracy
Water bath temperature
54±1℃ 82±1℃
Timing range
Arbitrary set within 0-99min
Stirring speed
Temperature sensor
Platinum resistance (imported grade A PT100)
Experiment hole
Power supply
AC220V±20%, 50HZ±10%(can be customized) (110V also available)
Maximum power consumption
Working temperature
Room temperature-45℃
Working humidity
≤85% RH
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