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Diesel Testing Equipment - Automatic Digital Refractometer

Automatic Digital Refractometer

Automatic Digital Refractometer TT-1218

Automatic Digital Refractometer TT-1218 conforms to the ASTM D1218 Standard Test Method for Refractive Index and Refractive Dispersion of Hydrocarbon Liquids.

Automatic Digital Refractometer TT-1218 features high-performance CCD photosensitive components, allowing it to automatically measure the refractive index (nD) of transparent, translucent, dark, viscous, and other liquid samples. It can also measure the sugar content (Brix) of sugar solutions. The TT-1218 is accurate, reliable, fast, and easy to operate, fully complying with FDA 21CFR Part 11.

The TT-1218 utilizes an innovative cloud service system, enabling all data from the instrument to be updated to a cloud server, making it especially useful for group or government customers. The Automatic Refractometer is widely used in factories, schools, scientific research institutes, and the petroleum and oil industries.

1. Ultra-long life light source: The TT-1218 uses high-brightness LED lights with a service life exceeding 100,000 hours. This reduces preparation time, saving both cost and time.

2. Automatic temperature control system: The TT-1218 features a Peltier temperature control system, ensuring accurate and constant temperatures throughout the testing process, with accuracy up to 0.02℃.

3. Superior measuring prism: The measuring prism is made of high-hardness material, offering excellent resistance to corrosion and scratches.

4. High-performance CCD sensor: The TT-1218 is equipped with a high-performance CCD sensor, providing accuracy up to the fifth decimal place.

Refractive Index Measuring Range (nD): 1.30000~1.70000
Measured Value Error (nD): ±0.00001
Measurement Resolution (nD): 0.0001/0.00001
Scope of Sugar Solution Mass Fraction (Brix): 0~100%
Measured Value Error (Brix): ±0.01
Measurement Resolution (Brix): 0.1%/0.01%
Temperature Control Mode: Built-in Peltier
Scope of Temperature Display: 0℃~100℃
Temperature Control Range: 10~80℃
Temperature Control Accuracy: ±0.02℃
Interface: RS232/USD/Ethernet Interface
Data Storage Capacity: 4G
Display Modes: 7 inches, TFT touch screen
Power Supply: 110~240V (12V, 10A)
Power: 45W
Net Weight: 12kg
Dimensions: 365mm*300mm*150mm

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