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Kjeldahl Analyzer - Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508

Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508

The Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 is a fully automated system designed with a focus on reliability, intelligence, and environmental friendliness.

Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 efficiently conducts digestion processes based on the Kjeldahl method automatically. Depending on the number of laboratory samples, Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 can accommodate either 8 positions or 20 positions. It operates on an Android system and integrates a host unit with a lifting device and scrubber, achieving complete automation throughout the digestion process.


  • Full Automation: Utilizing an Android system, it enables simultaneous control of the lifting device and exhaust gas neutralization, effectively enhancing experimental efficiency and minimizing the risk of gas leakage.
  • Lifting Function: Equipped with a lifting function, the tube rack moves automatically in line with the experiment program, reducing laboratory labor costs and shortening cooling times.
  • Aluminum Deep-hole Heating Module: Utilizing an aluminum deep-hole heating module enhances the digestor's heating effect, preventing disturbances during operation.
  • Heat Insulation: The use of ceramic and air duct heat insulation ensures excellent heat preservation, effectively reducing the digestor's energy consumption.
  • Real-time Monitoring: Offers real-time temperature display and records heating data and the digestion process, facilitating monitoring and review.
  • Ample Data Storage: Built-in 8GB storage allows unlimited experimental information storage and access to historical digestion methods and heating curves.
  • Method Flexibility: Pre-installs over 20 methods and supports customization of more than 500 methods, all designed for ease of use.
  • Programmable Heating Rate: The heating rate is programmable, utilizing fuzzy PID temperature control technology for accurate temperature control and rate adjustments.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Complies with 21CFR Part 11 standards, including audit trials and relevant information.
  • Data Transmission: Provides two data transmission methods—WiFi and USB—for secure backup and access to historical data.
  • Robust Housing: Constructed with high-grade anti-corrosive materials and Teflon coating, capable of withstanding high temperatures and strong acid corrosion.
  • WD03 Manifold

  • PFA Sealing Cover: Utilizes a PFA sealing cover known for its extended service life.
  • Snap-On Design: The sealing cover incorporates a snap-on design for easy replacement.
  • Water Jet Vacuum Device: Equipped with a water jet vacuum device that operates without needing a power supply.
  • Professional Drip Tray Design: Features a specialized drip tray design to minimize the damage from acid liquid pollution and corrosion.
  • S403 Scrubber

  • Exhaust Gas Recovery: Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 Utilizes cooling and chemical absorption in the exhaust gas neutralization process to enhance the recovery efficiency of the exhaust gas.
  • Scrubber Control: The Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 can control the scrubber.
  • PTFE Pipeline Design: Incorporates a PTFE corrosion-resistant pipeline design, increasing the overall service life.
  • Automation

  • Automatic Lifting Mechanism: Includes automatic lifting functionality, eliminating the need for manual labor. After digestion, the tube rack is automatically raised for rapid cooling.
  • Independent Cooling Support: The Digestor is equipped with a separate cooling support that is adaptable and space-efficient, allowing samples to cool rapidly to room temperature.
  • High Productivity

    The Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 can simultaneously control both the lifting device and the Scrubber without requiring separate operations.


    The Automatic Kjeldahl Digestor TT-SH520/SH508 is equipped with a multi-protection function, automatically triggering alarms in case of overvoltage, overcurrent, overheating, or any operational failure.

    Temperature Range
    Room temperature +5℃~450℃
    Room temperature +5℃~450℃
    Temperature accuracy
    Heating Method
    Electric heating tube
    Electric heating tube
    Digestion Tube
    300mL / 380mL
    Digestion Capacity
    20 Positions
    8 Positions
    WIFI / USB
    WIFI / USB
    Power Supply
    AC 220±10%V(50±1)Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    AC 220±10%V(50±1)Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    Rated Power
    Dimension (LxWxH)
    12 inches X 23.2 inches X 5.9 inches.
    2.9 inches X 17.3 inches X 5.9 inches.
    Net Weight
    46.3 lbs.
    33.1 lbs.
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