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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Automatic Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss Tester (NOACK Test)

Automatic Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss Tester (NOACK Test)

Automatic Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss Tester (NOACK Test) TT-5800Z

Automatic Lubricating Oil Evaporation Loss Tester (NOACK Test) TT-5800Z is in accordance with the ASTM D5800 Standard Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Oils by the Noack Method, Procedure B. 

It utilizes the automated non-Woods metal Noack evaporative apparatus. The evaporation loss holds significant importance in engine lubrication, particularly where high temperatures are prevalent, leading to the potential evaporation of portions of the oil. This tester is designed for determining the evaporation loss of lubricating oil, especially engine oil, and lubricating base oil at 250°C.

1. The heating device utilizes a metal bath, ensuring both safety and environmental friendliness.
2. An imported differential pressure gauge is incorporated to guarantee precise pressure measurements.
3. Wood alloy is integrated into the bath body to enhance heat transfer efficiency.
4. It comes equipped with a specialized vacuum suction system.
5. Features a digital timer for accurately recording test duration.
6. The evaporation crucible adheres to ASTM standards.
7. Incorporates a precision pressure regulation system and an imported needle valve for accurate flow control.
8. Includes a gas buffer bottle internally.
9. Utilizes a high-power solid-state relay for heater control.
10. Uses an imported temperature control gauge for precise temperature regulation.
11. It is capable of retrieving dedicated balance data from the data processing system, with a built-in printing function.

Working power supply

AC (220±10%) V,   50Hz(customizable) (110V also available)

Temperature control mode

Digital display PID temperature   control

Temperature control range

Normal temperature to 250 °C ±   0.1 °

Heating method

Metal bath heating

Pressure regulation

Highly precise needle valve

Suction method

Vacuum pump

Differential pressure   measurement

Differential pressure   measurement

Applicable test standard

ASTM D5800,procedure B

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