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Wax Testing Equipment - Automatic Needle Penetration for Wax

Automatic Needle Penetration for Wax

Automatic Needle Penetration for Wax TT-1321Z

Automatic Needle Penetration for Wax TT-1321Z conforms to ASTM D1321, the Standard Test Method for Needle Penetration of Petroleum Waxes. 

This method provides an empirical estimation of the consistency of waxes derived from petroleum by measuring the extent of penetration of a standard needle. It is applicable to waxes with a penetration of no greater than 250.

1. The tester features an integrated design composed of a laser detection system, electric lifting system, LCD, thermostatic water bath, and other components.

2. Detection mode: Automatically detects the penetration value using laser non-contact detection, eliminating the need to manually adjust the needle tip to place it accurately on the sample surface.

3. Laser sensor: Uses imported laser components.

4. LCD display: Allows setting the test time and temperature based on requirements, and provides automatic measurement, average value calculation, and test result storage.

5. Electric lifting system: Enables electronic adjustment of the lifting speed.

6. Uses a DC low-voltage locking device, ensuring safety and reliability.

7. The support can self-lock at any time and securely stop at any position.

8. Equipped with a manual release mechanism.

9. Thermostatic bath: Features a digital display, adjustable bath temperature, and is made of organic glass with both cooling and heating functions.

10. Equipped with a cold light source and amplifier for easy operation.

11. Includes level screws and a gradienter.

1. Measuring range: 0~600

2. Release stroke: over 60mm

3. Timing range: 1~90s, adjustable

4. Timing error≤0.02s

5. Stability: △u≤0.2

6. Temperature control range: 23~35℃

7. Temperature accuracy: 0.05℃

8. Dimension:

Main host: 340*260*660mm (L*W*H)

Bath: 230*300*200mm (L*W*H)

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