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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Automatic Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Automatic Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester

Automatic Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TT-56Z

Automatic Tag Closed Cup Flash Point Tester TT-56Z conforms to ASTM D56 Standard Test Method for measuring flash points using the Tag Closed Cup Tester.

Flash point measures the tendency of a sample to form a flammable mixture with air under controlled laboratory conditions. It is one of several properties considered when assessing the overall flammability hazard of a material.

Flash point is used in shipping and safety regulations to define flammable and combustible materials. It is important to consult specific regulations for precise definitions of these classifications.

Flash point can also indicate the possible presence of highly volatile and flammable substances in a relatively nonvolatile or nonflammable material. For instance, an unusually low flash point in a kerosene sample might suggest gasoline contamination.

1. Fast refrigeration speed with a deep cooling capability, enabling oil sample tests down to -50℃
2. Reduces temperature from room temperature to -60℃ in just 30 minutes
3. Supports slope temperature increases at rates of 3℃/min and 1℃/min
4. Includes a liquid level overflow port and a liquid adding port
5. Features a Glass PT100 sensor with a temperature sensing rate equivalent to a thermometer
6. Touch screen operation with a thermal printer, capable of storing thousands of data entries
7. Equipped with an unknown flash point detection feature
8. Ion ring automatically detects flash point and controls on/off scribing ignition

1. Rated voltage: AC 220V (110V also available)
± 10%, 50Hz
2. Power: 1500W
3. Operation: Touch LCD
4. Test temperature: -40 to 70℃
5. Ignition gas source: Pipelined gas or LPG, with pressure less than 10 Kpa
6. Printer: Thermal printer
7. Cooling mode: Double compressor refrigeration
8. Ambient requirements: Temperature 10 to 40℃, Humidity ≤ 85%

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