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Concrete & Cement Testing Equipment - Automatic Vicat Needle

Automatic Vicat Needle

Automatic Vicat needle unit is to determine the initial and final setting time of cement, mortar pastes and gypsum according to DIN 1164/ EN196/ BS 4550/ ASTM C187-191/ DIN 1168. The beginning and the end of the setting process is determined by the penetration behaviour of a steel needle into a cement paste sample, under certain specified conditions.

The User can use the following program selections to set and to check the exact height of the needle:

Test + 30“Check of needle height: Vicat ring for needle length = 50 mm

Test + 1’Check of needle height: Vicat ring for needle length = 30 mm

Test + 2’Check for lower end stop Needle must be slightly above glass plate

After a maximum of 3 minutes, the drop rod is automatically returned to its starting position

Program Selection:

ProgramABC D

Applicable StandardEN196ASTM 191EN196

Needle CleaningYesYesYesNo

Length of Needle50mm50mm50mm30mm

Diameter of Mould70mm65mm70mm70mm

Diameter of Penetrations26379022

Test Procedure:

Once the standard that applies to the test, the type of fall (free fall or damped fall), and desired time are selected, the user to press the start button to begin the test and the unit does the remaining

Technical data:

Dimensions : 280mm wide x 430 mm deep x 460 mm high
Weight : 16 kg
Supply voltage : 110v/60Hz
Weight (mass) of drop rod : 300g± 1

The standard version, the Automatic Vicat Needle Apparatus is delivered with the following accessories:

  • Diagram recording paper (500 sheets)
  • Recording stylus with ball-pen recorder and propelling-pencil leads (leads for mechanical pencil)
  • Drop rod
  • Ring according to EN: diameter 70 / 80 mm
  • Needle, with diameter 1.13 mm x 50 mm length
  • Glass plate
  • Allen wrench (socket wrench) (size no. 2)
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