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Spectroscopy and Spectrometry Instruments - Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer TT-CSA1500

Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer TT-CSA1500

Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer TT-CSA1500, equipped with a high-frequency furnace and infrared detection, is the perfect tool for quickly and accurately analyzing carbon and sulfur content in solid materials. 

Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer TT-CSA1500 excels with metallic substances and other inorganic materials like ceramics, ores, cement, and clays. The solid sample undergoes combustion in a ceramic crucible within a sealed high-frequency furnace, pressurized by pure oxygen flow. The High Frequency furnace's power is adjustable to ensure optimal combustion. Detection of resulting reaction gases, CO2 and SO2, is done via solid-state IR detectors. This system features high analytical speed, precision, and sensitivity, while being user-friendly and nearly maintenance-free.

The Carbon and Sulfur Analyzer TT-CSA1500 is designed for analyzing solids, particularly metallic materials, but also works well with other inorganic materials such as ceramics, ores, cement, and clays.

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  • Get simultaneous carbon and sulfur results with minimal sample prep.
  • Our user-friendly software makes analysis a breeze, so you can focus on results.
  • We use cutting-edge Infrared Technology with advanced optics, eliminating gold reflection tube concerns.
  • Count on our reliable electronics and hardware to quickly troubleshoot common issues.
  • Enjoy precise and speedy measurements every time.
  • Analyze a wide variety of inorganic materials effortlessly.
  • Keep maintenance low with our system.
  • Our sturdy design suits both production control and lab settings.
  • The Auto Cleaner ensures hassle-free maintenance with noiseless, vacuum-free dust removal directly into the crucible.
  • Measured elements
    Carbon(C ) 0.0001% -15.0000% , Sulfur (S ) 0.0001% -5.0000%
    Electronic balance
    Weighing range: 0-100g (resolution 0.0001g)
    Furnace alignment
    Sample carrier
    Ceramic crucibles
    Field of application
    Construction materials, engineering / electronics, geology / mining, glass / ceramics, steel / metallurgy
    High frequency furnace, 3.5KVA 20MH z
    Detection method
    Solid state infrared absorption
    Typical analysis time
    26 - 60 s, Average: 35 s
    Gas required
    Industry Oxygen 99.2 %
    Power requirements
    AC 220 V, ±5% 50H z±2% (110V also available)
    Dimensions (W x H x D )
    54 x 81 x 60 cm
    Required equipment
    Electronic balance, monitor, PC
    Operating temperature
    0-30 ℃ RH:<75%
    Optional accessories
    Printer, PC
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