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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Channel Point Tester for Gear Oil

Channel Point Tester for Gear Oil

Channel Point Tester for Gear Oil TT-40A

Channel Point Tester for Gear Oil TT-40A complies with FTMS-791B-3465.1 and SH/T 0030 standards. It is utilized to determine the channel point of gear oil at low temperatures. 

The test involves storing an oil sample for 18 hours at a low temperature, cutting a channel in the lubricant with a metal strip, and determining whether the lubricant flows together to cover the bottom of the container within 10 seconds.

The tester features a floor-standing integrated structure with four universal wheels installed at the bottom, facilitating easy movement.
It is equipped with a 5-inch LCD touch screen for intelligent temperature control.
The built-in heating and cooling system enables precise control of both high and low temperatures within the same chamber, ensuring convenience and accuracy.
Additionally, it comes with a glass window; after sampling, simply turn on the power and heating switch, and the test will be completed automatically.

Preheat temperature range: 46~48℃

Cooling temperature range: -60℃~0℃±1℃

Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz (110V also available)

Power: 1500W

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