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Optical Fiber Cable Testing Equipment - Compound Flow (Drip) Test Kit

Compound Flow (Drip) Test Kit

Compound Flow (Drip) Test Kit TT-CF300 is specifically designed to simulate an environment with controlled temperatures for testing the compound flow in optical fiber cables. This test kit helps determine the amount of filling compound that would melt and drip into the collector after a minimum test duration of 24 hours.

Compound Flow (Drip) Test Kit TT-CF300 is specially designed to simulate an environment with controlled temperature for compound flow tests on optical fiber cables. It determines how much filling compound will melt and drip into the collector after a minimum test duration of 24 hours.

The TT-CF300 Test Kit includes the following parts:

1. An industrial oven (ambient to +200℃) designed for compound flow tests.
2. Special brackets to keep cable specimens vertical and above the collectors.
3. SUS304 collectors to collect the compound drips, with easily removable drips.
4. A precise industrial balance to weigh the compound drips.

Compound Flow (Drip) Test Kit

Industrial Oven

  • The internal space is specially designed for cable-holding brackets.
  • The inside of the oven is made of mirror stainless steel.
  • Features a microcomputer control system with temperature and time control, along with an over-temperature alarm.
  • Preheating chamber design ensures that air enters the chamber directly after heating and mixing, allowing for rapid heating and effective heat distribution.
  • Equipped with a shaded pole motor and wind blade, along with an air convection breeze device, ensuring air in the chamber is refreshed and circulated.
  • Observation window on the door for easy monitoring.
  • Rotary two-stage locking structure provides excellent sealing performance.
  • Four rounded corners in the chamber and easily removable shelves for straightforward cleaning.
  • Power supply recovery function ensures data is not lost during power failures or system halts.
  • SUS304 Collectors

  • Made of industrial SUS304 to withstand shocks from sudden temperature changes.
    Fine inner surface ensures compounds can be easily removed from the collector.
  • Model
    Industrial Oven
    Temp. range
    Ambient+10°C to +200°C
    Temperature control accuracy
    ± 1.5°C;
    Temperature fluctuation
    ± 1.5°C;
    Temperature uniformity
    ≤3.0 ℃
    Heating up speed (empty)
    ≥4 ℃/min
    Interior dimension(W×D×H)
    400×400×400mm (or upon request)
    Exterior dimension(W×D×H)
    Open door (one piece)
    400mmx400mm(Width x height)
    Chamber weight
    Approx. 30 kg
    Interior material
    Stainless steel plate(SUS304)
    Exterior material
    Stainless steel plate(SUS304)
    Rigid foam
    Safety devices
    No fuse breaker, Over Temp, Protector
    AC220V±10 percent 50/60Hz
    Cable Holding Bracket
    Bracket Stations
    5 specimens ( Default, more upon request)
    Collector size
    Collector weight
    Collector Quantity
    5 Pieces ( Default, more upon request)
    Industrial Balance
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