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Engine Coolant Testing Equipment - Corrosion Tester for Engine Coolants

Corrosion Tester for Engine Coolants

Corrosion Tester for Engine Coolants TT-1384

Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants TT-1384 complies with ASTM D1384 Standard Test Method for Corrosion Test for Engine Coolants in Glassware. 

This test method serves to differentiate between coolants that may cause corrosion and those that warrant further evaluation. However, the results of this test alone are not sufficient evidence of effective corrosion inhibition. The true effectiveness of an engine coolant formulation can only be determined through more extensive bench, dynamometer, and field tests.

1. The equipment incorporates the latest self-tuning temperature control system, providing digital display and precise temperature regulation.

2. The heating system utilizes a metal aluminum plate structure, ensuring rapid and uniform heating.

3. Accurate airflow control is achieved through shunting.

4. It is equipped with a Low Temperature Circulating Bath to maintain the supply of condensate water.

5. An air pump is included to maintain airflow into the system, enabling simultaneous testing of up to six groups.

1. Rated Voltage: AC 220V±20, 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Heating Rate: 0.4KW×6

3. Temperature Control Range: Room temperature to 200°C

4. Accuracy: ±2°C

5. Airflow Rate: 100ml/min±10ml/min

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