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Analytical Lab Instruments - Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800

Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800

The Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800 features an advanced design that enables easy operation and versatile application. It's capable of using the conventional Weende method to examine crude fiber and conducts Van Soest analysis to cleanse the fiber. This Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800 equipment is suitable for assessing crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), hemicellulose, and acid detergent lignin (ADL) in various agricultural products such as plants, feed, and food.

Precise control experiment

You can freely set the test time using clockwise or countdown timing functions. Real-time reminders signal the end of the experiment, making it easier for the experimenter to precisely manage the experiment, saving test time and enhancing efficiency.

Integrated infrared heating technology

The advanced integrated infrared heating system ensures a more uniformly heated crucible, expediting the process and ensuring consistent sample extraction. This method results in higher extraction recovery, thereby enhancing the accuracy of test outcomes. Optional peripheral accessories include a cool extractor. Experiments can involve fat extraction, followed by washing with acetone and detecting acid lignin, among other steps.

Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800

F800-B Cold Extractor

  • Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800 can de-fat 6 samples simultaneously before hot extraction, dehydrating fiber residues and determining lignin content using solvents.
  • Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800 utilizes the same crucible system as F800, allowing samples to be dried and weighed between extractions if necessary.
  • It comes equipped with a high-pressure pump to prevent sample blockage in the crucible, ensuring efficient extraction.
  • Crude Fiber Analyzer TT-F800 Featuring a splash guard, it eliminates potential safety issues related to highly corrosive liquids during the extraction process.
  • Features and Advantages

  • The solution barrel pull structure is concealed to facilitate dosing operations, ensuring the safest fiber analysis process.
  • Corrosive liquids do not come into contact with any pump body, preventing potential corrosion-related issues in waste discharge pumps.
  • The crucible recoil function prevents samples in the crucible from solidifying, ensuring smooth filtration.
  • A dosing overflow protection function prevents corrosive liquid overflow due to operator error, prioritizing operator safety.
  • The crucible heating power can be adjusted promptly, allowing customers to easily control the heating rate, thereby reducing energy consumption and promoting eco-friendliness.
  • The equipment includes a built-in pre-heating function, significantly reducing the overall experiment duration.
  • Five different crucible specifications are provided in the standard configuration to cater to various sample requirements.
  • The device can detect crude fiber, neutral detergent fiber (NDF), acid detergent fiber (ADF), hemicellulose, and acid detergent lignin (ADL).
  • Technical data
    Working Temperature
    Sample Weight
    Storage Temperature
    Batch Capacity
    6 pcs per batch
    Relative Humidity
    Power Supply
    220 VAC 士10% 50Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    Measurement range
    Repeatability error
    Craw Fiber Content below 10%, ≤0.4% Craw Fiber Content above 10%, ≤1%
    6 pcs/batch
    Pre-heating time
    Heating to boiling
    7 inches touch color screen
    Rated power
    30.6 inches X 18.7 inches X 25.4 inches
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