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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus

Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus

Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus TT-1404

Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus TT-1404 conforms to ASTM D1404 Standard Test Method for Estimation of Deleterious Particles in Lubricating Grease.

Deleterious Particles Determination Apparatus TT-1404 is used to detect and estimate harmful particle contamination in lubricating greases, other semi-solids, and heavy liquids. Grease fillers can be tested for abrasive contaminants by first mixing them into petrolatum or grease known to be free of harmful particles.

A small portion of the lubricating grease sample is placed between two clean, highly polished acrylic-plastic plates held rigidly and parallel in metal holders. A pressure of 200 psi (1.38 MPa) is applied, and one plate is rotated 30° relative to the other. Particles harder than the plastic and larger than the distance between the plates will embed in the plates and cause characteristic, arc-shaped scratches. The relative number of such solid particles can be estimated by counting the total number of arc-shaped scratches on the two plates.

1. Conforms to ASTM D1404 specifications.

2. Complete apparatus per Figures 1 and 2 of ASTM D1404.

3. Rotates the plastic plate 30° against the stationary plate while applying 200 psi pressure.

4. Includes body, test plate holders, loading screw, calibrated spring with scale for applying the test load, and removable cap assembly with a milled slot and handle for rotating the test plates.

5. Constructed of stainless steel. Plastic test plates must be ordered separately.

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