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Aviation Fuel Testing Equipment - Density Test by API Hydrometer

Density Test by API Hydrometer

Density Test by API Hydrometer TT-1298

Density Test by API Hydrometer TT-1298 conforms to ASTM D1298 Standard Test Method for Density, Relative Density, or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products by Hydrometer Method. 

Density Test by API Hydrometer TT-1298 facilitates laboratory determination using a glass hydrometer along with a series of calculations to determine the density, relative density, or API gravity of crude petroleum, petroleum products, or mixtures of petroleum and nonpetroleum products typically handled as liquids. These measurements are made at existing temperatures and then corrected to 15°C or 60°F through a series of calculations and international standard tables.

1. The apparatus can conduct two-way experiments, significantly enhancing test efficiency.

2. Featuring a stainless steel heater, the apparatus is corrosion-resistant, ensuring a long working life.

3. A digital display meter is used to show temperature, providing high precision temperature control.

4. Simple operation is facilitated by an elegant structure.

1. Rated voltage: AC 220V ±10% 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Power: 2000W

3. Bath temperature: 20°C to 95°C

4. Graduate flask: 1000ml

5. Temperature control: Digital display temperature controller

6. Temperature sensor: Pt100

7. Precision of temperature control: ±0.2°C

8. Slot holes: Two holes

9. Mixing method: Mixing motor, 1200r/min

10. Ambient requirement: Temperature 10°C to 40°C; Humidity ≤85%

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