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Bitumen and Asphalt Testing Equipment - Digital Ductilometer

Digital Ductilometer

Digital Ductilometer TT-113

Digital Ductilometer TT-113 adheres to the ASTM D113 Standard Test Method for Ductility of Bituminous Materials. This ductilometer for bitumen is utilized to ascertain the distance of elongation before breaking when two ends of a briquette specimen of the material are pulled apart at a specified speed and temperature.

1. Incorporates a human-centered design philosophy. The test trough does not include leading screws, lead rails, or other components, allowing for easy installation of samples with a maximum measurement distance of up to 1.5m.

2. Utilizes a high-precision digital temperature controller with a resolution of 0.01℃ and an accuracy of 0.1℃.

3. Introduces an innovative transmission design ensuring stable and synchronous stretching without any tremble, maintaining uniform speed.

4. Accommodates three specimens, aligning with the test standards for asphalt ductility.

5. Enables automatic return and positioning of the specimen following determination.

6. Features a membrane panel and LCD temperature controller, offering waterproof, durable, and easy-to-clean properties.

1. Power supply: AC220V (-5%~+10%), 50Hz. (110V also available)
2. Maximum power consumption: 4100W.
3. Measurement distance: 1.5m (±10mm).
4. Heating mode: Electric heater.
5. Heating power: 3000W.
6. Liquid circulation: By magnet circulation pump.
7. Temperature control range: (5~49)℃, adjustable. Resolution is 0.01℃, Accuracy: ±0.1℃.
8. Tensile speed: 10mm/min and 50mm/min, two grades.
9. Measurement accuracy: ±1 mm.
10. Ductility display: Digital display after data processed by a single-chip machine.
11. Refrigeration: Compressor 1.25P, input power is 950W.
12. Ambient requirements: Temperature: (-10~+35)℃, Humidity ≤85%.

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