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Disc Mills - Disc Mill DP100

Disc Mill DP100

Feed size:<20mm

Final fineness:<75μm


Disc Mill DP100 is a robust and long-lasting device, suitable for both preliminary and fine grinding of medium-hard, hard, and brittle solid materials. It excels at rapidly reducing samples to particles as small as 100μm.

DP100 is capable of grinding various materials, including concrete, building debris, granite, basalt, silicate, gypsum, dry soil samples, depositional sludge, quartz, coal, coke, lime mud, refractory clay, glass, ceramics for dentistry, and more.

Working Principle

The samples undergo grinding through the pressure and frictional forces generated between a rotating disc and a fixed disc. When the sample enters the grinding chamber, the grinding disc's teeth, which are progressively arranged, initially crush the sample. Subsequently, centrifugal force pushes it toward the outer regions of the grinding discs, where fine grinding occurs. The finely ground sample then falls into the sample receiver through the gap between the grinding discs.

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  • Easy operation and straightforward cleaning.
  • Suitable for sample feed sizes up to 20mm.
  • Capable of processing large sample quantities.
  • Continuous adjustment of the gap between grinding discs.
  • Efficient sample treatment, achieving significant size reduction quickly.
  • Multiple material options available for wear-resistant grinding discs.
  • Designed with a dust discharge connector to prevent sample powder from contaminating the environment.
  • Feed size
    Final fineness
    Collector capacity
    Digital precision
    Rated power
    Power supply
    380V ,50Hz (110V Also available upon request)
    Instrument size (W*D*H)
    Package size (W*D*H)
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