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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - EMCOR Grease Testing Machine

EMCOR Grease Testing Machine

EMCOR Grease Testing Machine TT-6138

EMCOR Grease Testing Machine TT-6138 conforms to ASTM D6138, the Standard Test Method for Determination of Corrosion-Preventive Properties of Lubricating Greases Under Dynamic Wet Conditions (Emcor Test). 

EMCOR Grease Testing Machine TT-6138 evaluates the corrosion-preventive properties of greases using grease-lubricated ball bearings under dynamic wet conditions.

1. Standard test bearing dimensions: 30×72×19mm.

2. Observation of the bearing is facilitated via a retroreflector without zoom function, ensuring convenient operation.

3. Equipped with a large torque motor, ensuring unobstructed drive.

4. Digital display shows working time and stop time.

5. After completion of the test, the motor automatically shuts off.

6. Capable of performing both fixed and dynamic tests.

1. Applicable standard: ASTM D6138.

2. Rotation is driven by an AC motor.

3. Rotation speed ranges from 80 to 85 revolutions per minute (r/min).

4. Timing is controlled by a digital timer.

5. On/off operation is according to the set parameters.

6. Rated voltage: 220V, 50Hz. (110V also available)

7. Power consumption: 600W.

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