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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - Evaporation Loss for Lubricating Grease

Evaporation Loss for Lubricating Grease

Evaporation Loss for Lubricating Grease TT-972

Evaporation Loss for Lubricating Grease TT-972 adhering to the ASTM D972 Standard Test Method for Evaporation Loss of Lubricating Greases and Oils, this product is adept for examining the evaporation loss of both lubricating oil and lubricating grease. 

Such loss stands as a pivotal consideration in the utilization of these lubricants, with the ability to conduct evaporation loss tests at temperatures mutually decided upon within the range of 100 to 150°C (210 to 300°F).

1. The equipment features a table model structure, comprising a heating bath and a precise flow meter. It includes a hole on the stainless steel cover, allowing users to place the specimen bottle inside.

2. Constructed with a stainless steel structure clad in ceramics.

3. The environmentally friendly oil bath heats up, reducing the harmful effects of lampblack on the human body, while providing high-efficiency thermal insulation.

4. Utilizes a stainless steel heater.

5. Comes with a point-device flow meter, complete with a needle valve, allowing for a flow rate ranging from 0 to 2L/min.

6. Equipped with an air filter containing glass wool.

7. Incorporates a micro-program thermostat and PID control system, featuring a digital display for temperature, with a precision of 0.5℃, and includes a Pt100 RTD temperature probe.

1. Rated voltage: AC220V±10%, 50Hz (110V also available)

2. Power: 2000W

3. Temperature control range: Room Temperature to 220℃, with a precision of ±0.2℃

4. Temperature control mode: Highly accurate PID digital display temperature controller

5. Motor stirring speed: 1450 revolutions per minute (rpm)

6. Bath holes: 2

7. Timer: Digital timer, adjustable from 0.01 seconds to 99.99 hours

8. Flow control: 2 liters per minute (L/min)

9. Evaporator material: 304 Stainless Steel

10. Coiler material: Tinned red copper

11. Noise level: Less than 47 decibels (dB)

12. Dimensions: Length Width Height: 380mm x 460mm x 630mm, Weight: 25kg

13. Ambient requirements: Temperature range: 10 to 40℃; Humidity: Not exceeding 85%

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