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Single Screw Extruder - Excellent degassing and filtering pelletizing line TT-ASE - PRO

Excellent degassing and filtering pelletizing line TT-ASE - PRO

The Excellent degassing and filtering pelletizing line TT-ASE - PRO represents the pinnacle of single screw extruder pelletizing machines, with exceptional degassing and filtering capabilities for recycling.

This cutting-edge Excellent degassing and filtering pelletizing line TT-ASE - PRO sets a new standard in recycling and pelletizing systems, featuring an optimized super-long L/D ratio and a filtering process preceding vacuum degassing. It's specifically designed for processing waste plastics, particularly those heavily contaminated or extensively printed.

Thanks to its remarkable L/D ratio, the single-stage extruder within the production line can function as a double-stage extruder. Following the middle double-piston type screen changer, an additional filter can be incorporated at the end. This dual-filter configuration significantly enhances the quality and performance of the final product particles.



The processing section features an extended L/D ratio, utilizing alloyed materials for both screws and barrels, all backed by a 2-year warranty. Positioned in the middle of the processing section is a double-piston type screen changer. This arrangement allows the melt to undergo pre-filtration before the vacuum degassing process, resulting in improved homogenization and enhanced degassing performance.

The double-piston type screen changer features a wide filtering area. extending the duration between screen changes. This feature is particularly well-suited for recycling and pelletizing highly contaminated materials.
Enhanced volatilization performance occurs as the melt undergoes degassing post-filtering. This process is especially effective for recycling and pelletizing heavily printed materials.

The electrical cabinet adheres to the European standard Rittal structure, providing a dust and water-proof level of IP54. The system operates on SSR+PLC principles, ensuring reduced energy consumption and enabling intelligent operation of the entire system.

Smart Start

Single Button Activation, Aligned with preset logistical sequences and material processing requirements, interconnected system modules can be initiated effortlessly with just a single button. This streamlined process helps prevent errors or faults that might arise from manual operations.

Emergency Stop Functionality

The ASE-Pro system is equipped with an emergency stop feature to swiftly halt operations in the event of unexpected risks during machine operation.


Life Safety Assurance
The ASE-Pro system prioritizes safety throughout its operational steps. Every operating position and rotating part is fitted with electrical safety switches. This ensures a secure production process, safeguarding the lives of our clients' staff from potential risks during machine operation.

Maintaining Plastic Performance

The ASE-Pro system guarantees consistent and reliable quality output of plastic granules, thanks to precise temperature control and an optimized plasticization design.

Remote Monitoring and Transmission System

The ASE-Pro system offers Bluetooth connectivity, enabling remote monitoring and information transmission functionalities.

Machine Model
Target Recycled Material
HDPE,LDPE,PP,BOPP,CPP,OPP,PA,PC,PS,PU,ABS Final Product Shape: Particles
Final Product Shape
System composition
Screw Loader, Single Screw Extruder, Filtration first, Vacuum Degassing, Pelletizer, Water Cooling Device, Dehydration Section, Conveyor Fan, Product Silo.
Output Range
Feeding Device
Belt Conveyor (Standard), Roll Hualing off device (Optional)
Diameter of screw
Material of screw
L/D of screw
50/ 1
Heater of barrel
Ceramic heater or Far-infrared heater
Cooling of Barrel
Air cooling of fans through blowers
Vacuum deashing exhaust
Two Double-zone vacuum degassing system (Standard)
Pelletizing type
Water-ring pelletizing/ water-strands pelletizing/ Under-water pelletizing
Voltage Standard
According to the Voltage of the Customer's Location
Optional device
Metal detector, Roll hualing off device, Masterbatch and additives feeder
13 months from the date of bill of lading
Technical services
project design, factory construction, installation and recommendations, commissioning
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