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Kjeldahl Analyzer - Exhausting System TT-S402

Exhausting System TT-S402

Exhausting System TT-S402 - The neutralization system (Scrubber) offers several functionalities, including triple filtration, condensate recovery from exhaust gas, and filtration with a neutralization device. Using high-quality anticorrosive pumps, it operates quietly, offers robust suction, reduces exhaust emissions, and promotes an eco-friendly environment.

S402 Exhausting System

  • The entire machine is produced using mold technology, presenting a simple and elegant appearance. It features a translucent design in the neutralization unit for easy observation and replacement. Real-time adjustment of suction intensity and negative pressure prevents acid gas overflow.
  • Exhausting System TT-S402 Equipped with an anti-corrosion vacuum pump, it operates quietly with strong suction, reducing exhaust gas emissions for energy conservation and environmental friendliness. The triple filtration system, including water filtration, alkali neutralization, and activated carbon filtration, effectively neutralizes acid mist and reaction gases produced during Kjeldahl digestion or similar processes.
  • Furthermore, its PTFE corrosion-resistant pipeline design enhances the overall lifespan of the instrument.
  • Pump suction capacity
    Power consumption
    System suction capacity
    220 VAC±10% 50HZ (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    88.2 lbs.
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