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Biofuels Testing Equipment - Full Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability

Full Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability

Full Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability TT-14112A

Full Automatic Biodiesel Oxidation Stability TT-14112A is our domestically developed instrument with independent intellectual property rights and is a crucial tool for testing biodiesel. 

TT-14112A fills the gap in domestic production capabilities and conforms to the EN 14112 standard for Fat and Oil Derivatives — Fatty Acid Methyl Esters (FAME) — Determination of Oxidation Stability (accelerated oxidation test). It is used to determine the oxidation stability of fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) at 110°C. The overall system performance of the TT-14112A is compatible with Unix operating systems, with some features offering enhanced performance.

1. We designed the apparatus strictly according to the EN 14112 Standard, used for testing the oxidation stability of biodiesel.

2. Conforms to EU standards.

3. Equipped with an imported digital PID temperature controller, the temperature control range is from room temperature to 150℃, with a precision of ±0.1℃.

4. Features an imported dedicated heating band, providing enhanced safety and environmental benefits.

5. Includes a dedicated diaphragm pump with precise flow control and a constant flow rate.

6. A unique air filtration system ensures multiple gas pipes are unblocked and provides a reliable air source.

7. The conductivity meter measures data in real-time, and a large-screen liquid crystal industrial PC automatically records and stores data. It processes multiple input channels and can display the oxidation process of grease and the conductivity of the induction period in real-time.

8. Display mode: Digital.

9. Work stations: Four.

10. Each sample has single control, automatically set according to requirements.

11. Two samples are controlled separately, convenient for parallel testing.

12. Two temperature control systems allow the user to set temperatures independently.

1. Applicable Standard: EN 14112

2. Temperature Control: PID digital temperature controller

3. Air Source: Dedicated diaphragm pump, 10 L/H

4. Temperature Control Method: Electrical heating rod

5. Working Temperature: Room temperature to 150℃ ±0.1℃

6. Test Time: Approximately 14 hours

7. Rated Voltage: AC 220V ±10%, 50Hz (110V also available)

8. Result Processing: PC automatically measures and stores data

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