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Gold Purity Density Tester - Gold Purity Density Tester TTD-214K

Gold Purity Density Tester TTD-214K

Gold Purity Density Tester TTD-214K specifically designed for precious metals, ideal for small and lightweight samples such as gold sand (dimensions: 148 x 100 x 85 mm).

Maximum Weight Capacity: 210g

Purity Precision: 100.0% or 100.00%

Density Meter, Density Tester, Densimeter, Specific Gravity Tester

Suitable for

Suitable for the jewelry industry, banks, pawnshops, and gold and precious metal research laboratories.


Using the buoyancy method based on the Archimedean principle, gold karat, density, and purity percentage can be displayed quickly and accurately.


1. Gold Purity Measuring Mode - Measures gold purity.
2. Platinum Purity Measuring Mode - Measures platinum purity.
3. Alloy Purity and Density Measuring Mode 1 - Measures the purity of other precious metals.
4. Alloy Purity and Density Measuring Mode 2 - Measures the purity of other precious metals.

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1. Gold Purity Density Tester TTD-214K equipped with RS-232 and USB interfaces.
2. Infrared temperature sensors automatically detect and compensate for water temperature.
3. Provides quick and accurate determination of precious metal purity percentage and gold karat number in just two measurement steps.
4. Leaves no trace of contamination after measurement, eliminating the need for sulfuric acid solution or standard test samples.
5. Special software design directly displays gold karat number and purity percentage (including gold-copper-silver, gold-silver, and gold-copper alloys).
6. Features a setting function for the lower limit of karat value, allowing the karat number to be freely set from 1 to 24K.
7. Includes a function for setting the lower limit of PT value, with PT value adjustable from 1 to 1000.
8. Capable of measuring the purity of other precious metals, such as platinum, silver, palladium, copper, rhodium, etc.
9. Unable to test samples with gems and hollows. Can be utilized as a general balance.
10. Utilizes a large tank design to reduce errors caused by the buoyancy of the hanging rail. The water tank size is 148 × 100 × 85mm.

Max Weight
Weighing Precision
Density Precision
Gold Mode
0.1K and 0.01K display (switchable)
0.1% and 0.01% display (switchable)
PT Mode
1PT and 0.1PT display (switchable)
0.11% and 0.01% display (switchable)
Alloy Mode
0.1% and 0.01% display (switchable)
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