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Lube Grease Testing Equipment - Greases Oxidation Stability apparatus

Greases Oxidation Stability apparatus

Greases Oxidation Stability apparatus TT-942Z

Greases Oxidation Stability apparatus TT-942Z complies with the ASTM D942 Standard Test Method for Oxidation Stability of Lubricating Greases by the Oxygen Pressure Vessel Method. 

Greases Oxidation Stability apparatus TT-942Z assesses the resistance of lubricating greases to oxidation while stored statically in an oxygen atmosphere within a sealed system at elevated temperatures under test conditions.

1. All procedures are controlled via a touch-enabled LCD screen, which not only records and displays test values but also automatically determines the final point.

2. The apparatus is equipped with 0.1 level pressure transmitters, along with a pressure calibration device.

3. An Agilent measured transmitter processor is included with the apparatus.

4. The apparatus features an accurate oxygenating connector for convenient usage.

5. Standard heatproof vessel and vessel stand are provided with the equipment.

1. The rated voltage is AC220V±10% 50Hz. (110V also available)

2. The heating power is 1500W.

3. The temperature control point is set at 99℃.

4. Temperature control accuracy is within ±0.1℃.

5. Operation is facilitated through a 4-wire touch-enabled LCD interface.

6. The sensor used is Pt100 (RTD).

7. The apparatus includes 2 test stations.

8. Ambient requirements include a temperature range of 10 to 40℃ and humidity not exceeding 85%.

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