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LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

The Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer is an advanced spectral analysis tool that integrates laser-induced breakdown technology and spectral analysis methods. With its portability, user-friendliness, rapid analysis speed, minimal destruction, and broad range of testable elements, it offers an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution for lithium ore exploration and mining.

Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) technology falls under laser ablation analysis. It directs a laser onto the sample surface, generating plasma locally when the laser pulse's energy density exceeds the breakdown threshold energy. As the plasma expands, it cools and emits a spectrum representing the sample components, which is captured by a high-resolution spectrometer. LIBS is a swift qualitative and quantitative industrial analysis method.

Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer has emerged as the preferred method for geochemical analysis beyond conventional laboratories. It finds extensive use in geological exploration, screening lithium grades, examining lithium battery cathode materials, and recycling lithium-containing waste batteries.

LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer
LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

Geological exploration

LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

Lithium grade screening

LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

Lithium cathode materials

LIBS Analyzer - Handheld LIBS Lithium Analyzer

Lithium-containing waste battery recycling

One-second detection

With a simple one-key operation, it offers flexible and efficient detection within a second, with results displayed in just two seconds.

Portable and lightweight

Weighing a mere 1.65 kg, this compact device meets ergonomic standards, has a robust battery life, and is perfectly suited to fulfill testing requirements in field applications.

Safety laser

Utilizing high-energy pulse safety (3B) laser technology, this device ensures that regular usage poses absolutely no harm to the human body. Furthermore, it's equipped with a sensor laser safety interlock to mitigate the risk of accidental laser exposure.

Small ablation damage

The device is micro-destructive, causing minimal ablation damage to the sample target surface, which is essentially invisible to the naked eye.

No need for sample preparation

This device is capable of conducting elemental analysis on any form of matter (solid, liquid, gas, and mixed states) with minimal or no sample preparation required.

Core Technology
Integrated laser-induced breakdown technology and spectral analysis methods
255 x 294 x 80mm(L×W×H)
Display system
4.3-inch industrial-grade resistive touch screen
Automatically adjust display brightness according to external environment brightness
Storage function
Solid state laser
Spectral parameters
Spectral Range: 450~750 nm
Resolution: <0.3nm
Single test time
Results in 1 second
Control method
Touch screen or button
Sample Types
Raw ores, pressed tablets
Argon environment by replaceable portable argon bottles
Work temperature
Standard 0~40℃
Application update, data download and grade library custom editing, test report generation, calibration file editing, etc.
Sensing light safety interlock device
Equipped with MSBUS bus smart battery, two single batteries can work continuously for about 8 hours, and the remaining battery capacity can be directly checked. It complies with aviation dangerous goods transportation regulations.
Waterproof performance
IP54 waterproof and dustproof rating
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