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Water Treatment System - Hot Alkali Washer Online Water Recycling Treatment And Reuse System (3T/H) TT-WTS

Hot Alkali Washer Online Water Recycling Treatment And Reuse System (3T/H) TT-WTS

During the plastic cleaning process, Hot Alkali Washer Online Water Recycling Treatment And Reuse System is the usual method for cleansing the plastic, resulting in the production of hot alkali wastewater. If this wastewater is directly sent to the treatment station, it requires adding more chemicals and heat, substantially increasing the station's treatment expenses. To address this, we've installed online water treatment devices, significantly reducing energy consumption, minimizing chemical usage, and ultimately cutting down operational costs.


Advantages of online recycling technology

Through the online recovery technology in water treatment, 80% of the hot alkali water used in the cleaning process can be reclaimed and reused. Here's how it benefits the process:

1. No additional water treatment agents needed, enabling the recovery of chemical agents and significantly reducing their use.
2. Heat recovery and a streamlined online processing process minimize heat loss, reducing heating energy consumption.
3. Reusing wastewater decreases water consumption and cuts down on wastewater treatment costs.
4. Highly automated system maintains chemical concentration automatically.
5. Ensures stable water quality and enhances cleaning effectiveness.

Design Principles

1. Select a process route based on sewage quality and treatment criteria, utilizing advanced treatment technology to ensure treated water meets discharge standards.
2. Optimize existing facilities to meet treatment needs, minimizing investment while considering aesthetic aspects within the plant.
3. Prioritize ease of operation, simple maintenance, and management convenience. Equip with high-quality, high-performance, and consistently stable machinery and equipment.

Design Parameters

1. Wastewater Source:
- Hot alkali washing in the cleaning line of a plastic recycling plant.

2. Designed Treatment Capacity:
- 3 cubic meters per hour (3m³/h)

Treatment technology

Here's the process flowchart for our hot alkali water filtration system. The primary goal is to eliminate suspended solids (SS) from the water while retaining the agent within it. This system utilizes a precipitation followed by a filtration process.

Process Flowchart As Following:

Main Process introduction a.Grille system (round screen)

At the liquid discharge point of the hot washing tank, we've installed a circular vibrating screen. Its primary function is to segregate larger particles within the outgoing alkali water. This separation facilitates subsequent precipitation treatment and minimizes wear on downstream equipment.

Model: YZS1000 (1 set)
Main Material: SUS304

b.Sedimentation tank

The sedimentation tank uses a vertical flow design where water enters from the central pipe at the tank's top and descends downward. An umbrella baffle at the bottom evenly disperses the wastewater, allowing it to rise gradually from around the tank. This separation by gravity facilitates the clarification of water quality by separating mud and water.

The water storage tower is a vertical structure used to store purified alkaline water. Simultaneously, a small amount of agents is added via an automatic dosing device to optimize the pH of the alkaline water.

Sedimentation Tower: SLCDT-3000 (1 unit)
Hot Water Tower: RST-3000 (1 unit)
Material: SUS304

c.Filtration system

The filtration system comprises an intermediate water tank, a filter pump, and a filter press unit. It works by filtering the wastewater through filter cloth, intercepting small suspended particles, clarifying the water quality, and dehydrating the sludge for further treatment.

Filter Press: 630 (1 unit)
Filter: ZQX-30 type (2 units)

d.Dosing system

The dosing system comprises a metering pump, medicine barrel, stirrer, etc., facilitating precise medication dosing. An automatic dosing device is utilized to regulate the wastewater's pH. The online pH device controls the metering pump's automatic dosing, ensuring the wastewater's pH stability within the required range for hot alkali washing.

Automatic Dosing Device: ZDJYZZ-1000 type (1 unit)
Material: SUS304

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