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Hospital Stretcher - Medical Stretcher - Hydraulic Stretcher - ToronCare 1160

Hydraulic Stretcher - ToronCare 1160

  • Manual type transfer stretcher with hydraulic system.
  • Height is adjusted by step the foot pedals.
  • Back rest lifting angle is adjusted by gas spring system.
  • Trendelenburg and rev Trendelenburg functions are operated by controlling the gas spring system at the foot side.
  • Bright arrow symbols direct the user how to operate clearly; with corner bumper to avoid damage in case of knocking the wall.
  • Brake pedals at the head and foot side of the stretcher provide convenient operation for user.
  • Collapsible stainless steel protective railing
  • Bed board for X-ray examination
  • Standard Accessories (Included):

  • I.V Pole
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    Overall dimensions (LxW)
    1905x750mm (75.0x29.5 in)
    Height adjustment (Bed board to ground)
    815-580mm (32.0-22.8 in)
    Size of bed board (LxW)
    1905x610mm (75.0x24.0 in)
    Diameter of Central-lock castor
    150mm (5.9 in)
    Back-rest lifting angle
    0-60o ± 5o
    Trendelenburg & Rev. Trendelenburg angle
    Net Weight
    82 Kg (181 lbs)
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