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Kjeldahl Analyzer - Kjeldahl Distillation Unit TT-K9840

Kjeldahl Distillation Unit TT-K9840

The Kjeldahl Distillation Unit TT-K9840 Unit is designed to assess nitrogen content in samples through the Kjeldahl nitrogen determination method. Its intelligent software swiftly conducts sample distillation, automates reagent quantification and filling, and facilitates automatic testing.

The distillation and condensation automatic cleaning system heightens measurement precision, while the user-friendly interface simplifies operation. This unit finds extensive application in food processing, feed production, tobacco, livestock, soil fertility assessment, environmental monitoring, medicine, agriculture, scientific research, education, quality control, and various fields requiring nitrogen or protein content analysis. Additionally, it supports tests for ammonium, volatile fatty acids/alkalis, and similar substances.


  • Display: Equipped with a 4.3-inch color screen for user interface.
  • Mode Switching: Allows seamless transition between Manual and Automatic modes.
  • Automatic Alkali Pipeline Washing: Incorporates an automatic cleaning function for the alkali pipeline.
  • Filling Mode: Offers optional automatic or manual filling modes based on test requirements.
  • Customizable Distillation Time: Enables users to freely edit distillation times and triggers automatic alerts upon completion.
  • Automated Cleaning: Features automated cleaning for both the control system and distiller, ensuring precise measurements.
  • Intelligent Design: Includes safety features and displacement prompts in the peripheral facilities of the nitrogen tube.
  • Cooling Water Control: Utilizes an intelligent cooling water control system for precise cooling and testing.
  • Emergency Stop: Provides emergency stop functionality to manage unexpected accidents effectively.
  • Fault Detection and Alarms: Offers automatic fault detection with an intelligent audible and visual alarm system.
  • Calibration Functions: Includes calibration options for Dilution water, Alkali solution, Boric acid solution, and washing flow.
  • Real-time Display: Displays safety door, digestion tube, and cooling water statuses in real-time during operation.
  • Built-in Testing Model: Allows detection of most functional conditions within the instrument.
  • Features:

  • Automatically and precisely dispenses alkali and boric acid solutions with accuracy.
  • Comprehensive safety protection system safeguards the distiller and tubes against over-temperature and over-pressure.
  • Offers Calibration Functions: Dilution water, Alkali solution, Boric acid solution, and Washing flow calibrations.
  • Real-time display of safety door, digestion tube, and cooling water conditions during operation ensures monitoring and safety checks.
  • Measuring range
    0.1mg ~240mg N
    Sample capacity
    solid≦6g/sample, liquid≦16mL/sample
    Distillation speed
    Cooling water consumption
    Operating mode
    Manual/automatic mode
    Display modes
    4.3" LCD screen
    Power supply
    220VAC±10%, 50Hz (110V is also available. Please specify when ordering)
    Net weight
    66.1 lbs.
    15.7 inches X 15.2 inches X 28.9 inches
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