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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Lubricating Oil Filterability Tester

Lubricating Oil Filterability Tester

Lubricating Oil Filterability Tester TT-13357

Lubricating Oil Filterability Tester TT-13357 is manufactured in accordance with the standards for Petroleum products - Determination of lubricating oils' filterability - Part 2: Procedure for dry oils. 

It is utilized to assess the filterability of lubricating oil primarily derived from mineral oil, particularly hydraulic oil in hydraulic systems. It's not designed for liquids derived from other materials, such as flame-retardant liquids, as they might be incompatible with the filter membrane used in this method. Additionally, it's not suitable for certain hydraulic oils with unique properties containing insoluble or partially dissolved additives or specialized macromolecular substances.

1. The glass fittings meet standard requirements.
2. Digital display for time, facilitating simple operation and easy observation.
3. Precision regulator valve adjustment allows pressure control within 86658pa.
4. The instrument features an integrated structure design for ease of operation.
5. The shell is constructed from cold-rolled steel plate, with a surface treated using electrostatic spray, ensuring excellent rust resistance and ease of cleaning.
6. Electronic stirrer equipped with stainless steel paddle rod and paddle.

1. Applicable standards: SH/0805, ISO 13357.
2. Timing method: Digital display timer.
3. Pressure control: Precision pressure regulator adjustment for accurate control, with pressure tolerance of ± 5 Kpa.
4. Solvent receiver: Special solvent filter receiver bottle.
5. Rotation mode: Reduction gear motor drive with automatic reversal.
6. Stirring method: Motor stirring at 1500r/min±50 r/min.
7. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz. (110V also available)

8. Pressure display: Digital meter display.
9. Total machine power: 2500W.
10. Instrument size: 510*400*620mm.
11. Net weight: 38KG.

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