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Birthing Beds - Obstetric Birthing Bed ToronComfort™ 1010

Obstetric Birthing Bed ToronComfort™ 1010

The ToronComfort™ 1010 Obstetric Birthing Bed is the star product of the Torontech delivery bed family.

This multifunctional delivery bed embodies the latest international delivery concepts, seamlessly integrating Labor, Delivery, Postpartum Recovery, Gynecological examination (PV), and Operation functionalities.

ToronComfort™ 1010 is designed with a focus on the emotional well-being of both the mother and baby. It adapts delivery positions to meet dual needs, providing a safe and comfortable experience for the mother, baby, and the attending nurse.

Advocate natural childbirth

Advocating for natural childbirth is essential in modern maternal care. Maternity hospitals have evolved to involved family members and midwives, enhancing the birthing experience. Embracing natural childbirth not only reduces postpartum complications but also facilitates faster recovery and promotes optimal development for babies.

The ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed aligns with this approach, placing a strong emphasis on safety, comfort, and emotional well-being for mothers, babies, and nurses.

Obstetric Birthing Bed ToronComfort 1010

Peace of mind waiting for delivery

The ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed offers several features designed to enhance comfort and convenience for expectant mothers. With the ability to lower the entire bed body to 485mm, it becomes easier for pregnant women to access and exit the bed.

Additionally, the bed can be adjusted to a leisure position, allowing mothers to engage in activities such as reading or watching TV comfortably. In this position, the back plate of the bed body can be raised while the seat plate is slightly tilted backward, and the legs can be folded down. This setup ensures that expectant mothers can sit in a relaxed chair position without experiencing pressure on their abdomen or back.

Spontaneous labor

The ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed offers adjustable leg rests and features a power assist mechanism hidden beneath the bed surface. With the ability to accomodate more than 15 different delivery postures through the comprehensive lifting and adjustment of the bed body, it not only maximizes the potential for natural delivery but also facilitates swift postpartum recovery.

In addition to its versatile features, facilitating both labor and childbirth in the same bed significantly reduces the risk of cross-infection, elevating overall safety and comfort during the birthing process.

Postmortem rehabilitation

After giving birth on the ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed, the detachable auxiliary table, polyurethane waterproof and breathable material, and hot-melt mattress simplifies the disinfection process for nurses without disturbing the resting mother.

This design eliminates the need to change the bed, minimizing the risk of wound tearing due to postpartum displacement and reducing the pressure of transferring patients within the hospital.

Furthermore, the motor-adjustable back plate of the ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed adds a layer of convenience for postpartum mothers and allowing them to comfortably breastfeed and care for their babies.

Emergency Operation

In the event of emergency surgery, the ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed is equipped with a CPR function. This integral feature eliminates the necessity of patient transfer, as the bed can quickly transition to the operating table position.

This capability ensures swift and efficient medical intervention in critical moments, significantly reducing the likelihood of accident risks and enabling the hospital to promptly rescue the patient.

Obstetric Birthing Bed ToronComfort 1010

Detachable auxiliary table

It is designed to support weights up to 181kg. It features dual functionality, serving as both an auxiliary table and a non-auxiliary table, providing medical staff with flexibility in operation modes. After disassembly, it can be conveniently stored in an upright position for placement ease.


The V-cushion provides the necessary space for perineal access, closely conforms to the delivery basin, and minimizes the transfer gap.

Power assisted handrail

The power-assisted handrail aids the mother in diverting attention, alleviating pain from contractions, adjusting exertion, and enhancing the comfort of the birthing process.

Emergency stop switch

The emergency stop switch for the entire bed is located on the exterior of the bed head, allowing it to be quickly activated in case of emergencies to prevent accidents.

Midwifery handrail

The midwifery handrail is designed primarily to provide support to the mother during childbirth. It enables the mother to maintain a comfortable delivery posture for an extended period, allowing her to enter a state of complete relaxation and significantly reducing tension caused by contractions.

Bed height

The ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed offers adjustable bed heights for enhanced convenience and safety during childbirth. With an initial height of 485mm, mothers can safely and easily access the bed, allowing them to freely choose their preferred delivery positions. The maximum height of 860mm facilitates doctors in repairing the perineum. The bed's ability to conveniently change positions and heights significantly improves the efficiency of medical staff.

Obstetric Birthing Bed ToronComfort 1010

Leg/foot support

The leg/foot support of the ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed is adaptable to mothers of various heights. It features light lifting leg parts that can adjust the angle of the footrest and leg rest according to different femoral sizes. This allows for quick adjustment to the required position. When not in use, the leg rest and footrest can be conveniently folded under the bed for storage.

Siderail control panel

The siderail control panel of the ToronComfort™ 1010 multifunctional delivery bed features integrated controls with clear pictograms on both sides of the guardrail, ensuring convenience for both mothers and nursing staff during operation.

Inside button functions include:
1. Backrest lift
2. Auxiliary table lift
3. Emergency stop switch
4. Night light switch

Outside key functions include:
1. Bed height lift
2. Trendelenburg adjustment
3. Backrest lift
4. Auxiliary table lift
5. Function lock
6. Night light switch

External Dimensions
2320 (L) x 990 (W) x 485 (H) - 860mm(±10mm)
Siderail height above bed surface
370mm (±10mm)
Backrest angle
Seat plate fold up
Leg lifting range
205mm ± 15mm
Safe working load
Auxiliary table safe working load
Electrical Parameters
Power supply
Max power
Protection against water and dust
Security classification
Electrical shock protection grade
B type
This Product meets the following European standard management system: ENISO 9001: 2015, EN ISO 13485: 2016, EN ISO14001: 2015
This product meets the following European standards EN 60601-1-1, EN 60601-1-2, EN ISO14971
Standard Configuration
Control box
1 pc
4 pcs
Siderail control panel
2 sets
Backup batfory
1 pc
Night light
1 pc
Emergency stop switch
1 pc
1 pc
1 set
PE bed surface
1 set
Central brake caster
4 pcs
Protective bumper
4 pcs
Holes for IV pole
2 pcs
Power assisted handrail
2 pcs
Leg support
2 pcs
Dirt basin
1 pc
1 set

Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 2350 Width 880mm
Bed dimension: Length: 1990mm Width: 870mm
Bed height: Lowest <= 490 mm Highest >= 890mm (exclude the cushion)
Back section turning: >=65°
Seat section turning: >=15°
Trendelenburg: >=8°
Leg section lifting distance: 170mm
Footrest swing out: >=90°
Footrest folding: >=90°
Guard rail up/down movement: 405mm
Castor dia.: 150mm

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