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Oil Analyzer

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer - Oil Analyzer that offers sulfur analysis solutions for the energy sector. It can analyze a variety of petroleum products, including lubricating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, jet fuel, and more. Within minutes, it can detect sulfur content as well as other elements present in these products, such as wear elements and pollutants. This analysis can be conducted on liquid, solid, or gas samples, providing safe and reliable results wherever petroleum products are utilized.

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer, Oil Analyzer

Analysis of Sulphur content in marine fuels

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer, Oil Analyzer

Petroleum refining industry

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer, Oil Analyzer


PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer, Oil Analyzer

Oil pipeline

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer, Oil Analyzer

Analysis of wear Elements/Additives/Hydrocarbons in oils

One-click intelligent operation

The entire analysis process can be finished in just a few seconds. The operation is straightforward, and even those without technical expertise can easily use it.

Easy customization

Based on the testing, PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer - Oil Analyzer offers a range of customizable settings. Users can adjust test conditions to meet specific detection requirements or modify thresholds for screening purposes, enabling personalized screening of various materials and elements.

Multiple forms of data output

In PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer - Oil Analyzer analytical data reports can be generated in either PDF or Excel format. When exporting data in Excel format, users have the option to review and edit the data directly within the table. Additionally, users can create customized professional reports that include company logos, addresses, test results, spectrograms, and other sample information such as product descriptions, origins, and batch numbers.

Accurate and reliable qualitative and quantitative methods

PeDX Portable XRF Analyzer - Oil Analyzer incorporates advanced algorithms like the super-FP algorithm and correction curve method, enhancing the instrument's speed, accuracy, and consistency in measurements.

Size of Sample Room
Excitation source
Up to 50kV, 200uA X-ray tube, upper excitation power 4W, Ag/Rh target
BOOST Si-pin/SDD(Optional)
Operation System
Based on the I. MX 6 Quad, quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
Dedicated analytics operating system, 32GB of system memory
Data Processing
Built-in 32GB storage
USB, can connect the device to the Internet, remote setting and maintenance of the instrument
Data Transfer
USB, Bluetooth
Operating Ambient Temperature
Operating Ambient Humidity
10%~90% relative humidity, non-condensing
5.7-inch absorbable color touch screen display
Test Time
User customize
Built-in 5 million pixel high-definition camera
English, etc.
Air mode
Air mode, helium mode, vacuum mode (optional)
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