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Aviation Fuel Testing Equipment - Oil Particle Counter

Oil Particle Counter

Oil Particle Counter TT-4406

Oil Particle Counter TT-4406 complies with ISO4406 standards and features a high-pressure pump with a pressure capacity of up to 1MPa, suitable for fluids with a maximum viscosity of 1500 cSt.

 Widely utilized across various industries including aerospace, electric power, petroleum, chemical, transportation, port, metallurgy, machinery, and automobile manufacturing, it serves the purpose of detecting solid particle contamination in hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulating oil), turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, aviation kerosene, and water-based hydraulic oil. Additionally, it facilitates the detection of insoluble particles in organic liquids and polymer solutions.

The oil liquid particle counter utilizes the laser block method, using an imported semiconductor laser light source known for its long life and high stability. Equipped with 24 detection channels and an imported precision syringe pump sampling control system, it ensures high-precision sampling with adjustable sampling volumes. The device features a user-friendly interface with a 7-inch true-color LCD touch display, built-in calibration curves, and a robust database management module for easy operation. With a USB interface, data storage is unrestricted, allowing for easy data transfer and storage on a computer.

1. Incorporates imported semiconductor lasers and specific integrated driver chips, ensuring sensor stability and longevity.

2. Utilizes an imported precision syringe pump sampling system for highly accurate sampling.

3. Features a positive/negative sample chamber device to facilitate sample degassing and testing of high-viscosity samples.

4. Equipped with 8 test channels capable of detecting particle size distribution and providing statistical analysis.

5. Pre-loaded with standards including ISO4406, GB/T14039, NAS1638, JBT9737.1, SAE749D, GJB420A, GJB420B, DL/T1096 for particulate contamination levels, and allows user-defined particle channel settings. Custom standards can be added based on user requirements.

6. Calibrates instruments according to GB/T18854-2002 (ISO11171-1999, JJG066-95), ISO4402, latex standards, enabling automatic size conversion between different standards.

7. Features built-in dedicated relational database software for convenient data querying. Data storage is unlimited, with intuitive display and analysis histograms for easy data interpretation.

8. Equipped with a large screen TFT LCD display and touch-screen operation, providing a user-friendly interactive interface for enhanced user experience.

9. Includes an external USB interface for direct data storage on a computer via USB disk, and can also connect to a computer via RS232 serial port for data analysis, verification, and printing.

10. Compatible with a high-pressure pump, with pressure capabilities up to 1MPa and a maximum viscosity of 1500 cSt.

11. Can be used with a maximum 2000 ml large volume sampler for extended sampling capabilities.

1. Optical system: Laser block with semiconductor laser light source.

2. Detection range: 0.8 µm (ISO4402) or 3 µm (ISO11171) to 400 µm.

3. Detection channels: 8 channels, with the particle size range of 0.8 µm (ISO4402) or 3 µm (ISO11171) to 100 µm, user-settable at 0.1 µm intervals.

4. Sample volume: Bottle.

5. Maximum chamber sampling volume: 0.2 to 1000 ml.

6. Maximum sampling cabin pressure: 0.7 MPa.

7. Test sample viscosity: 2 to 600 cSt.

8. Test sample temperature: 0 to 80 °C.

9. Sample flow rate: 5 to 100 ml/min.

10. Test range: 0 to 9999999 particles.

11. Accuracy: ± 5% of the rated value.

12. Repeatability: RSD < 2% (particles > 1000 pc/ml, 5 ml).

13. Sample volume accuracy: < ± 1%.

14. Resolution: < 10% (GBT18854-2002).

15. Best detectable concentration: 0 to 18,000 particles/ml.

16. Display operation: 7-inch large-screen color LCD touch screen.

17. Data Output: Built-in printer, RS232 interface, USB interface.

18. Database software: Provides data statistics, querying, analysis, and storage capabilities.

19. Rated voltage: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz, < 80W. (110V also available)

20. Temperature: 10 to 40°C.

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