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Oil Test Centrifuge

Oil Test Centrifuge TT-1796

Oil Test Centrifuge TT-1796 adheres to several ASTM standards, including ASTM D1290, ASTM D1796, ASTM D2709, ASTM D4007, ASTM D91, and ASTM D96. This Oil Test Centrifuge is fully programmable, allowing automatic configuration to specified oil test parameters.

It features a four-place swing-out rotor and universal bucket assembly that accommodates low-cost adaptors and cushions suitable for borosilicate glass centrifuge tubes specified for oil testing. This centrifuge facilitates the laboratory determination of water and sediment in crude oils using the centrifuge procedure.

However, this centrifuge's accuracy in determining water and sediment in crude oils may not be entirely satisfactory. The amount of water detected is often lower than the actual water content. For highly accurate results, revised procedures for water determination by distillation are recommended. 

The water and sediment content of crude oil is significant as it can lead to equipment corrosion and processing issues. Accurate determination of water and sediment content is essential for precisely measuring net volumes of actual oil in sales, taxation, exchanges, and custody transfers. It is not expected that this test method, designed for dedicated laboratory facilities, will be utilized in field test rooms or sample rooms due to safety concerns regarding proper ventilation and handling.

1. The machine features computer control, a touch panel, LCD display, electronic locks, and speed PWM control method. It can store 12 programs, adjust to 19 levels of acceleration and deceleration.

2. Thanks to its unique shock absorber, the machine offers excellent anti-vibration effects.

3. Speed control utilizes the PID method, offering high precision with customizable acceleration and deceleration times. The brushless motor ensures quiet operation, meeting laboratory requirements without the need for carbon brush replacement, thereby minimizing dust pollution.

4. It automatically calculates RCF values and includes a point start function for short-term centrifugation.

5. The electronic locks provide security protection; if the door is not properly closed, the centrifuge will not operate.

1. Host Performance Parameters:

- Max Speed: 4000 rpm
- Max RCF: 3400 xg
- Max Capacity: 4 × 200ml
- Speed Accuracy: ±10 rpm
- Temperature Range: Indoor +10°C to 70°C
- Temperature Control: ±2°C
- Time Control: 1 min to 99 min/inching
- Power Supply: AC 220V, 50Hz, 15A
- Noise: < 60 dB(A)
- Environmental Requirement: 10°C to 35°C
- Relative Humidity: ≤85%
- Dimensions: 700mm × 600mm × 900mm
- Weight: 130 kg

2. Rotor Parameters:

Max speed
Swing out rotor
36*10ml 4000rpm
Swing out rotor
4*100ml 3000rpm
Swing out rotor
4*200ml 3000rpm
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