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Environmental Test Chamber - Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone Test Chamber

Ozone test chambers test elastomers (rubber) in the condition of ozone exposure to simulate and measure rubber ageing by means of ozone within a few days.

The elastomer samples are placed in a dynamic specimen holder in the chamber that exposes them to ozone at concentration and duration specified by a testing specification or standard.

  • Automatic control and supply of ozone gas Equipped with an ozone generator
  • Temperature control and display unit
  • Humidity control and display unit
  • Ozone concentration can be adjusted from 0 to1000PPHM
  • Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
  • Dynamic + static sample holder
  • Ozone Generating Unit
  • Large viewing Window
  • Electromagnetic lock to prevent the door from opening under the working
  • Install 4 castors for easy moving, and with brakes function
  • USB and Ethernet
  • Rubber Ozone Chamber Volume:250L,500L,800L,1000L,
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to +100°C
  • Temperature Stability: ±0.5°C
  • Temperature Variation: ±2°C
  • Humidity Range: 30%rH to 98%rH
  • Humidity Uniformity: ±2%rH
  • Ozone Concentration:1~1000 PPHM
  • Strain Rate of fixture: 5% to 35% (customizing options)
  • Rotational speed of sample holder: 0~10rpm
  • Benefits

    Dynamic+static sample rack, meeting different test standards
    Ozone aging test chamber use programmable controller, simple operation

    Standard configuration network port, convenient for data transmission
    Purification ozone device to protect the laboratory environment

    ASTM D1149 - 18 Standard Test Methods for Rubber Deterioration – Cracking in an Ozone Controlled Environment.

    ISO 1431-3:2017 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic – Resistance to ozone cracking

    TT- OC-500
    TT- OC-800
    TT- OC-010
    Internal Dimension (mm)
    Overall Dimension (mm)
    Interior Volume (L)
    Temperature Range
    0°C ~ +100°C
    Temperature Fluctuation
    Temperature Deviation
    Humidity Range
    30% ~ 98% RH
    Humidity Deviation
    ±2.5% RH
    Cooling Rate
    Ambient ~ 0°C within 20 min
    Ozone Concentration
    1 ~ 1000PPHM
    Sample Holder Rotate Speed
    0 ~ 10 r/min
    Airflow Rate
    0 ~ 60L/min
    Clamps Tensile Stretch
    5% ~ 35%
    Programmable color LCD touch screen controller
    Ethernet connection, PC Link
    Power & voltage
    AC380V 50HZ
    ISO1431; ASTM 1149; IEC 60903; IEC60811-403; JIS K6259; ASTM D1171
    Environmental Conditional
    5°C ~ +35°C ≤85% RH
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