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Benchtop PeDX Series Gold And Precious Metal Analyzer - PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

The PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory is crafted for swift and precise analysis of precious metal compositions. It swiftly and accurately conducts element analysis on gold, platinum, palladium, and other precious metals, delivering immediate results.

Featuring portability, high reliability, rapid speed, non-destructive analysis, and simple operation, the PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory offers numerous advantages. Its lightweight and compact design allows users to easily transport it to any testing site. With exceptional configuration, it ensures the accuracy and reliability of test results. Even non-professionals can quickly master its user-friendly operation.

The PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory meets high industry standards for jewelry showrooms, factories, and testing agencies effectively.

PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory
PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

Incoming and recycling raw material analysis in jewelry factory

The precious metal XRF analyzer is a vital tool in jewelry factories for conducting accurate analysis of precious metal compositions in both incoming and recycled materials. For incoming materials, it verifies whether they meet specific production standards. In the case of recycled materials, the gold analyzer is utilized to swiftly assess purity and composition, which is crucial in determining their reprocessing value and devising appropriate treatment strategies.

PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

QC in jewelry factory

Precious metal analyzer can monitor metal components of raw materials and semi-finished products at all stages of jewelry manufacturing to ensure the accuracy of alloy ratio. For instance, to quickly analyze the purity of metals such as gold, silver, and platinum during smelting process, helping adjust the smelting parameters to reach settled alloy ratio.

PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

QC/Product inspection in jewelry factory

The precious metal analyzer can be utilized to test the composition of precious metals during the quality control and finished product inspection process, ensuring that the fineness and purity meet specific standards. For instance, it can precisely analyze 18K, 24K, platinum, and other jewelry, ensuring consistency between product labels and actual compositions.

PeDX G7 Precious Metal Analyzer for Showroom/Factory

Precious metal analysis in gold shop / jewelry showroom

The precious metal analyzer is primarily utilized for jewelry quality assessment and trade-in services in gold shops and jewelry showrooms.
For quality assessment, it ensures that gold, platinum, and other jewelry being sold meet standard purity levels, such as 24K or 18K.
In trade-in services, the precious metal analyzer swiftly and accurately assesses the purity and value of old jewelry when customers wish to exchange it for new items.
During recycling services, the analyzer provides instant purity analysis for old gold jewelry or other precious metal items that customers want to sell, aiding in the fair evaluation of their recycling value.

High accuracy

XRF technology delivers dependable purity and composition data with an accuracy of up to 0.01% (9999 gold).

Fast analysis

Compared to traditional chemical methods, an XRF precious metal analyzer delivers results within seconds, significantly enhancing efficiency.


Its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to carry and use in various environments.

Data management system

The built-in data management system allows users to store, check, and export test results.

Equipped with Bluetooth printer

A Bluetooth printer is included for wireless printing. Users simply need to click the 'Print' button to quickly obtain reports and data.

One-click intelligent operation

The entire analysis process can be completed in just a few seconds. The operation is simple and can be easily mastered by non-technical personnel.

A/S service

A 24/7 hotline ensures customers receive quick and professional responses, guaranteeing a worry-free experience.

4.6KG(without battery)
Sample chamber size
Detection range
Multi languages including English
SDD detector
Optical structure
Tube window
Beryllium(Be) window
Equipped with 1.5mm collimator to reduce background noise, improve resolution and accuracy.
±0.01%(9999 gold)
Built-in computer
Display system
5.7-inch industrial-grade resistance touch screen
Automatic display brightness adjustment according to environment
Computer parameter
I. MX 6 Quad, quad-core Cortex-A9 processor
Data printing
Bluetooth printer
PeDX G7 adopts curve calibration method and fundamental parameter(FP) method to remove background difference, reduce error and improve test accuracy.
One-click test button
Built-in camera provides intuitive sample positioning and image recording function, ensuring accurate X-ray irradiation and operation.
Data transmission
Built-in 32G system memory, USB, Bluetooth
Power supply
Standard 2 MSBUS intelligent batteries
A single battery can work for about 8 hours. State of charge(SOC)can be directly checked in the battery.
Compliance with the transport regulations of dangerous goods by air
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