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Wax Testing Equipment - Petroleum Wax Oil Content Analyzer

Petroleum Wax Oil Content Analyzer

Petroleum Wax Oil Content Analyzer TT-721

Petroleum Wax Oil Content Analyzer TT-721 conforms to ASTM D721, the Standard Test Method for Oil Content of Petroleum Waxes. 

Petroleum Wax Oil Content Analyzer TT-721 is designed for determining the oil content in petroleum waxes with a congealing point of 30°C (86°F) or higher, as measured by Test Method D938, and containing no more than 15% oil.

1. Separate temperature control system ensures accurate test temperatures.
2. Fully enclosed compressor refrigeration with a copper cooling bath.
3. Electronic heating bath with a top-mounted stirring device and stainless steel heater.
4. Standard glass tube meets ISO requirements.
5. Evaporation device allows for transparent observation.
6. Four airflows divided into two controlled paths ensure accurate flow rates.
7. Microcomputer controller with PID, digital temperature display (continuous during testing) accurate to 0.1°C, with a convenient Pt100 RTD temperature probe.

1. Standard: ASTM D721
2. Temperature control: PID digital temperature controller
3. Cooling method: Compressor
4. Heating method: Heating pipe
5. Working temperatures: 0±0.5°C, -34.5±0.5°C, 90±0.5°C
6. Evaporation device: 4 tubes at 35±1°C
7. Power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz (110V also available)

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