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Lube Oils Testing Equipment - Portable Liquid Particle Counter

Portable Liquid Particle Counter

Portable Liquid Particle Counter TT-4406B

Portable Liquid Particle Counter TT-4406B is engineered based on the light blockage method principle, specifically for rapid onsite detection of oil contamination levels. 

Portable Liquid Particle Counter TT-4406B offers the benefits of compact size, lightweight construction, swift detection speed, high precision, excellent repeatability, and the ability to operate under extreme conditions like high temperatures and pressures. With built-in micro water and temperature sensors, it can detect water content, temperature, and oil pollution levels. This device finds extensive applications in aerospace, petrochemical, transportation ports, iron and steel metallurgy, automobile manufacturing, and various other fields for analyzing hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, transformer oil (insulation oil), turbine oil, gear oil, engine oil, and other oil types.

1. Utilizing the light blockage method principle and using high-precision laser sensors, this device offers compact size, high precision, and stable performance.

2. It is well-suited for both laboratory and on-site detection, and can be adapted for online high-pressure measurements with a pressure-reducing device for real-time monitoring of oil particle contamination.

3. Equipped with a built-in calibration function, it can be calibrated according to ISO4402 and other standards.

4. Featuring a built-in data analysis system, it automatically determines sample grades according to standards, and offers automatic data processing and printing capabilities.

5. Users can set alarm levels as desired, receiving prompts when contamination exceeds set limits, facilitating pollution or cleanliness detection.

6. The alarm level is customizable, providing alerts when contamination exceeds set limits for effective pollution or cleanliness detection.

7. An external pressure chamber can be connected to establish positive or negative pressure, facilitating high viscosity sample detection and sample degassing.

8. The washing mode can be adjusted based on volume or time, ensuring user convenience in operation and maintenance.

9. English Language.

10. With a super large storage capacity, data can be optionally stored internally or on external storage devices connected to the instrument.

11. Its embedded design, coupled with a high-strength shell, makes it easy to carry and suitable for various construction machinery applications.

1. Light Source: Semiconductor laser

2. Viscosity Range: ≤100cSt (Optional air pressure chamber available for higher viscosity)

3. Flow Rate Range: 5 to 60 mL/min (Typical value: 30mL/min)

4. Online Testing Pressure Range: 0.1 to 0.6Mpa (Maximum pressure up to 42 MPa with decompression device)

5. Sample Temperature Range: 0 to 80°C

6. Particle Size Range: 1µm to 500µm (Dependent on sensor type)

7. Sensitivity: 1µm/4µm(c)

8. Standards Compliance: GJB420B, SAE4059F-CPC, ISO4406, GB/T14039, GJB420A, NAS1638/SAE4059F, GOST17216

9. Volume Range: 1 to 999mL

10. Accuracy: ±0.5 contamination levels

11. Test Interval Range: 1s to 24h

12. Coincidence Deviation Limit: 40,000 p/ml

13. Data Storage: Supports 1000 groups of data storage internally, with additional support for U disk storage

14. Water Activity Range: 1 to 1aw (±0.05aw)

15. Water Content Range: 1 to 360ppm (±10%)

16. Interfaces: USB interface, power interface

17. Protection Grade: IP67 (with protection box)

18. Operating Temperature: -20 to 60°C

19. Power Supply: AC220V±10%; 50/60Hz; DC 12V (110V also available)

20. Weight: 5.5 kg

21. Dimensions: 400 mm × 305 mm × 170 mm

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