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ADVANCED HOSPITAL & MEDICAL BEDS - Premium Electric Hospital Bed - ToronCare 1060

Premium Electric Hospital Bed - ToronCare 1060

  • Built with durable steel framework and high-quality ABS & PP plastic
  • Controlled by user-friendly touchpad (replacing traditional keypads, which have limited service life due to mechanical failure)
  • Custom bed board improves softness and bending of the bed, increasing the comfort of patients
  • Electrically controlled bed positions provide easy adjustment of patient posture, with an indicator light to show the work status
  • Back-rest and leg-rest can be adjusted up/down at the same time for more efficient operation
  • Quick release lever on back-rest for emergency CPR
  • Reset button adjusts the bed to the flat / lowest setting from any position
  • Backup battery provides protection for emergency power failure
  • Detachable head and foot board made from high-quality PP plastic
  • 4 pcs drop-down PP protective railing, controlled by gas spring
  • Central brake castors controlled by electric operation
  • IV pole mount bracket at all 4 corners of the bed frame
  • Standard Accessories (Included)​

  • IV Pole
  • Optional Accessories (Not Included)

  • Monkey pole
  • X-ray radiolucent head and back section
  • Dimensions
    Overall dimensions (LxWxH)
    2260mmx1050mm x 530-710mm89.0in x 41.3in x 20.9-28.0in
    710mm-530mm28.0-20.9 in
    Bed Board dimensions (LxW)
    1940mmx900mm76.4in x 35.4in
    Diameter of universal central locking castors
    Bed Articulations
    Trendelenburg and Rev. Trendelenburg
    Net Weight
    148 Kg326 lbs
    Load Capacity
    <250 Kg<551 lbs
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